AGV K1 VR46 medium

Had my helmet Stolen at Le Mans whilst watching MotoGP - had to make an instant decision at the only shop open with 10 mins to closing - I opted for this Great AGV in Valentino colour way
Riding back to the hotel I soon found it did quite like my head - I really should have gone for the cheapest possible but “WE” like to look good…
Eventually a long ride later I got back to UK - and it just doesn’t fit proper so I am selling - YES worn ONCE!!

Jeez man, that’s crap luck.You don’t expect that from fellow bikers.

How much as you asking for the helmet?


probably not theft by bikers - we were parked in a side street and according to other bikers there mostly French about 30 helmets had been stolen - mine was attached by one of those steel padlock wire things to headstock and unfortunately the upper fairing was also damaged during the theft - 2019 plate brand new VFR!!
You live and learn!

that sucks, and what a shitty thing to do!