Agro with the Akro

I had some Akro cans fitted to the SMT, the engine remapped, and a few weeks in I’m not that impressed.

The bike seems a lot more lethargic, for example, previously 4,000rpm in 1st would take me to just over 30mph, now 4,000 takes me to around 20mph and I’m getting to 30mph in around 4,000 in second. It’s almost as though I have lost a gear. Is this normal?

The bike feels as though it’s been tamed.

no, not normal at all! If you’re seeing a reduction in speed for a given gear and rpm, your gearing has changed or your tyres are flat.

Post up the dyno chart - lets have a look at those air/fuel mixtures. You didn’t do anything silly like tell the dyno operator to tune for economy?

I assume they just loaded up the akro map?
I would go back and ask them to double check they loaded the correct map.

The fuelling on the SD is a bit different to the SMT, but if you have the round (or oval) akros, they’re the same as on my bike, and it should definitely improve. Speed is about the same, but the fuelling is a lot smoother, you should be able to feel the bike being less restricted.
If it’s anything like the SD maps, the akro map is a bit too rich, particularly with baffles in, but as far as I understand, it doesn’t hurt performance or damage the engine, just costs you few penies extra in fuel.

Nice post title :cool:

Take it back to the guys that mapped it they probably messed up somehow…

If it all proves too mysterious, try Rhalf lo Tuorco at SBK on Hessel Street. He’s got a dyno in the workdhop… he’ll tune that right up for you…

Thanks for your thoughts.

I’ll check my tyres and then have a chat with the dealer who remapped the bike.

I’ll let you know the outcome.