Aged 12 and looking after the family...

Just saw the ad for this programme and it’s annoyed me so much already (but it could be down to editing) that I’m gonna Sky+ it so I don’t miss the Ace night tomorrow.

If anyone hasn’t heard about it it’s basically about a 12 yr old girl who’s parents are both blind. They have lots of kids. The 12 yr old comes home from school does all the cleaning, feeds, bathes and generally looks after all her younger brothers and sisters but when the parents are asked why they have such a large family they both reply it’s so they will have more help later in life and they won’t be a burden on one child. As I said before it’s probably clever editing that has just annoyed me but otherwise how f**king selfish are the parents.

Channel 4 seem to be on some kinda role this year!

Hey Ginger,

From what you have said and given that it is 2007 I can understand your shock, however, the reality in this day and age is the responsibillity will fall on the children of disabled rather than the Goverment. Selfish …? well if it is such a travesty why is Social Services not involved with the 12 year old child? Will be interesting to see what it is about.