Afternoon Roll Call (27.07.18)

First roll call for the new site! Might cause a few notifications to go out! Is it too much now with mentions?

And who was mad enough to be commuting on their bike in this weather today???

Asbo B
CBR500R Commuter
Geoff B
Hold Da Kæft
MAD-DOG Dhofty
Mr C
Nine Mile
Stuart Fordyce
The Duc
Triang Ross

I’m mad enough I guess been commuting 7 days a week, and scaffolding a huge green house (truly not fun)

Wut… You’re truly mad :sweat::open_mouth:

I’ve been on leave as I wait to start my new job. Sadly it hasn’t been rest at all thanks to a cracked tooth and a bureaucratic nightmare before starting…

I got an email about this thread but not sure why so have turned email notification off now.

where are you off to @Serrisan?

been riding all month! :smiley:
ps its pouring down at the moment!
hope the roads dry out in the next hour

Because you were Mentioned, @T_cat. It’s meant to work that way.

thats why i use an email address i never check!! :rofl::sunglasses:


First heavy rain in about 2 months in south London!


Hi All! I like it here :slight_smile:

Good evening, like the new site.

Nice one @motodrb, and @Nic, nice to have you both back!

No commuting for me today, but had to drive up to Brum, across to Leicester, back to Brum & I’m currently sat dosing myself up on Coffee at Cherwell services on the way back to London. Like Eurostar, my aircon didn’t want to play either!

Surprised by the number of bikers I saw in London fully togged up, they must have been overheating badly & soaking inside their gear.

morning lb looking good on here so far.


Just adding my minimum 20 characters

Lol I ran out the door when it was raining, literally never been so happy to ride in the rain. Only had summer gear on and it was fantastic!!

That’s not something one expects to hear regarding riding in the rain.