Afternoon All

Afternoon All…

As a pillion rider I don’t get involved in all these Forums n stuff, but I have been told that you are all too lovely not to talk to - Haven’t I Mr LCaller!

So a big hello to everyone


Whoops there goes the neighbourhood !

I mean evening beautiful

hello there
i dont know about me, but these people are legends!

Hey dsushee, welcome to the site! There’s a number of pillion members I believe, so you’re not alone! Besides, we talk about things other than bikes from time to time! Such as does Floyd still shop at womens-shops for his hair-products???

Well hello and welcome there dsushee… I see your on a SRAD there… Is it the 600 or 750? I used to have to 750 and absolutly LOVED it… doesn’t matter if your pillion, we like everyong on this site… Great to see you on board girl…


Welcome to the site dsushee,
LC Was right this is in my opinion the best site to come on as far as bikes are concerned all the people are so friendly.
Ever thought of doing your test so you can be in control instead of a pillion ?

Yeah I am working on getting up the courage to do my test - I’m what is know as in the industry as a pussy - so I’m starting small and working my way up… So pillion first, get the feel of what its like on a bike, have a look at some bikes and see about doing it then. I would like to though coz as much as its great being on the back, I now KNOW the back of Lee’s helmet in all weathers and its still soo shiney! amazing stuff.

Oh and the SRAD isn’t mine I’m afraid. It was Lee’s old bike and I never rode pillion on that one… I’m not sure if it was the bike that was too precious or me. I’m sure he’ll have something to say about that!!

Ok, I’m gonna ‘get in there’ before Floyd does…

Several double-entendres could be picked out, but since there may be youngsters reading, I’ll not.

But that aside, welcome, and get that test organised. If my hapless brother can do it, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Foxy, where oh where is that lovely specimen of a bike now?

Looks fab.

Nice one, you will never look back once you have your licence, as for starting small and working your way up… def the way to go, get your confidence up first… thats got to be better than getting a real powerfull bike then chucking it at a wall.

My Baby…


Hey and welcome…working your way up is best for confidence and costs in genreal insurance, bike etc.


It’s in Bike Heaven!!! It broke my heart when it got written off August last year… Hopefully the twat who did the U-Turn is still suffering from the RAGE of Foxy!!! I scared the cr*p out of him!!! HA HA HA…

Ahh bugger, Foxy. But the “Rage of Foxy” ??!! And you seem quite the retiring butterfly

Seems to a lot of this crashing lark going around / being talked about at the mo. Depressing stuff.

Welcome to the community

Hey there, welcome to the forum. Hope u get your test done and your out about in control of a motorbike then pillion! Great experience all round…

“Several double-entendres could be picked out” Now Now Andrew, lets not enter there


Welcome to London Bikers. Hopefully meet up some time.

It’s great to see pretty faces on the forums! … welcome!!