afternoon all, another noob comes strolling up!

hey everyone, im Dan. been riding a 125 for 4 years from sw london to islington and back every day and all over london and i like to think im fairly experienced as a result and im a confident but not cocky rider. did my mod 1 last monday and passed, wasn’t scary and apart from kissing a cone with my right foot doing 55kph on the avoidance i thought it was pretty straightforward. had biblical rain and wind riding an XJ6 from Sutton to Burgess Hill for the test, that was an eye-opener and no mistake… :wink: so…this thursday coming i’ve got the mod 2 down in farnborough after riding there from Sutton again. depending on my mood from hour to hour im going from super confident to convinced im going to make an idiot balls-up like i’ve done once or twice during training. one of my biggest problems has been on faster roads when changing lanes, im used to big ass mirrors and on the test bike i find im struggling to see as much of whats behind me as id like to. at speeds of 50-60 obviously lifesavers become a little more dangerous as your taking your eyes of the road and travelling much quicker forwards. also as i ride in and around tons of cyclists and madmen every day i do far too many left shoulder checks for my instructors liking…any general tips on this stuff or from anyone who did their test in farnborough? i keep saying to myself its not as long on the road as my average ride to work every day and i do that without error (most days ;-)… )

any help or good vibes appreciated folks

good luck. when you pass, i’ve got a lovely bike for sale that would be great for you. :wink:

Welcome to LB and good luck…

Oh, I am in Carshalton !!

ha cheers prawn but ive already got my bike. however ive got a mate doing their DAS mid-october who’s got similar tastes to me. what ya selling?

oh and hello IMORTAL indian !

Big respect sounds me like you have earned your right of passage relax an go threw an hey there is always a next time dont sweat it .

welcome aboard dan. good luck next thursday mate. stay calm and STOP worrying about making mistakes- you`ll be fine!

thanks folks, i just want to get on and do it really, ive hardly thought about anything else since starting the DAS last saturday and mentally im getting a bit worn out overthinking it. getting off my 125 sunday (mot runs out anyway) so ive got a couple days not riding about in central london to help those bad inner city habits fade… :wink:
cant wait to join my mates new and old in riding about for fun not just commuting…obviously i’ll post how i do

Don’t sweat about Mod 2 too much, it’s easier than Mod 1

thanks theoc, thats what ive been told, ‘its over before you know it’ etc… ive done over 20’000 miles of riding, im not sure what im so fussed about to be honest!
few beers tonight is what i need and let all this stress go til nearer D-Day :wink: thanks mate


Hi and welcome :smiley:

Welcome, I’m from Sutton too :slight_smile:

Welcome And Good Luck In Test :slight_smile:

Welcome! :slight_smile:

And ppft, I failed my mod1 first time for clipping cone, not fair :stuck_out_tongue:

But best of luck on mod2. I found it far less nerving :slight_smile:

Welcome welcome, always welcome!

Best of luck with the test, relax and ride like you’re being watched all the time!