Aftermarket TPMS

After seeing the Michelin ones at the show it got me wondering about aftermarket ones that I hadn’t considered. Does anyone have an experience of these?

There’s some el cheapo ones for about £20 on tinternet, the Michelin ones are £80 (or 65 at the show). both are the type that replace your valve caps, and im a bit worried about the caps leaking.

they are not made by Michelin, just branded as them too

Garmin ones are expensive and you’ll need a Zumo to use them. Be very cautious with any valve cap system as the replacement caps are much heavier than standard ones and will shear off the valve at speed unless you have metal valve stems.

…and you need to get your wheels re-balance to be sure to be sure you don’t end up in a silly mph tank slapper

i have TPMS on my bmw
i noticed the tyre was deflating quicker than the system

they arent my cup of tea

When I was experimenting with the Garmin ones I asked about fitting metal stems at Chiswick Honda. The techs didn’t want to do it and thought it was a bad idea anyway as it’s adding more un sprung weight. Also the wheels weren’t designed for metal stems. They said, just use a pressure gauge and check it regularly.

Track day riders get frustrated with their OEM ones because they flash up warnings even though you’ve set lower pressures on purpose.