aftermarket pipe

Hey guys im just after a bit of advice, im looking to replace my oe exhaust can with a new aftermarket pipe, i havent a clue about these things, i really want something that is a little louder than mine and also increases bhp slightly. what would you suggest i go for? and what else do i need to buy to go with it. btw i have a fazer 1998 600.

Get something with removable baffles. I am biased about blue flame and there removable baffle system. Quite a few cans have this an its great because you fit the can remove the baffles so its nice and loud then come MOT time put the baffles in and hey presto legal exhaust!

Yeah the removable baffles thing is the way to go - Try a Fazer forum for the best one for your bike - there are probably dozens of them.

You might want to think about getting the engine set up right once the can is fitted too- but depends and there are better people than me around here to talk about that sort of thing…

yeah thats right, i have just bought one its a oval shaped can from the carbon can company? i have seen them on mellow and rizla sv`s bikes, they sound good too!! hope she runs ok?

If your just bolting a can on mate you wont have any problems with the running of the bike its only if you fit a full system you need to start playing with things.

Well that’s not entirely true as it can effect the fuelling (tho not as much as a full system), esp on a carb’d bike like Matt’s. But Matt, you’ll soon notice if it needs sorting

god i hope not!! do you reckon it might drink the juice? it does sound good! although i cant get the flippin baffle out!

The CCC baffles are usually held in by a stainless steel rivet - use a better quality drill bit and plenty of lube (oooerr) to drill it out… Might be easier with the can off so you can push down rather than trying to do it on the bike…

You can use a small nut and bolt to refix it, or a self tapping screw…

yeah your right, it is in need of a drilling and lube, we had a struggle to get the pipe on, so id rather keep it on, if i cant get the baffle out it will have to wait until i replace the downpipes next month. can it be done with the pipe on?

It’s just easier with it off as you are pushing down rather than up…

Westie, you’ll have no issues whatsoever with fueling on the Fazer with an aftermarket can.

One other thing that transforms the feel/pull of the engine on the Mk1/Mk2 fazer is a k&n air filter. The Fazer in particular really benefits from it 'cos it runs a little on the rich side in standard form. Bung one in, guarantee you will not regret it.

After you fit your end can though, get the carbs balanced. She’ll feel like a different bike.