Aftermarket fairings

I am after some fairings for my bike and wondered if anyone knew a good supplier? I’ve found a company in the States that does my kit (not original) but I only need the rear panels. Wondered if anyone knew a company in the UK that they could recommend.

Jay, who’d you buy your kit from?

A shop on ebay. There’s tons of them, but don’t go for the cheapest. I would buy again, I was impressed in balance.

You don’t know the seller do you? Also would they sell individual items do you know?

I have bought 3 lots of replica fairings on E-bay from a guy in Hong Kong by the user name oo6033. Highly recommended. These fairing sets can be a bit of a mission to fit, and a bit ‘fit where they touch’ compared to the factory parts, but look great from 5 feet away. I had good incentive to go this route as I had two ‘offs’ and destroyed all the factory fairings both times. The replica sets I bought at the time cost around the same amount as one of the factory side panels…

If youre ok to wait a couple of weeks, try

Not all of their models are on the website, so its worth a phonecall.

Cheers i’ll have a look. I’m in no rush and in two minds to leave it like it is.

replicast uk do some good quality kit pretty cheap. got spare fairings for my mille from them for a quater what aprillia wanted :crazy: all pre-drilled and done in whatever colour you like aswell.