Aftermarket exhausts

I have an aftermarket exhaust from a 2000 R1 and really loved the sound of it. Ive now got a 2003 R1 and its still got the original and slightly damaged exhause on it and I want to get it changed.

Suppose my questions are / as the aftermarket exhaust comes in two sections the ‘end can’ and connection pipe, (slipper pipe ??) will the end can fit a new 2003 R1 connection pipe (are the diameters and connection angles differed so you have to buy the entire unit) and will the company sell me just that one part of the unit if they do fit. I tried contacting this company ages ago and (not so cleverly) asked them exactly what im asking here … I got shoved from dept to dept and then the bloke was out to lunch and my emails also never got answered.

Also while I have a general idea … I feel stupid asking this …can anyone explain why you cant just transfer an aftermarket exhaust from one model of R1 to the next.


One way to find out bud, try fitting it :smiley: You could always line it up with it to see if it bends in the same places aswell before trying to fit it.

just see if the can bolts onto your new R1, you’ll see straight away if the bolt pattern is the same…the other pipe you’re referring to is the link pipe, most aftermarket places will have seperate link pipes you can buy