Aftermarket Exhaust Silencer

Hi everyone

Sorry to be boring but I have another topic regarding aftermarket silencers. Can fitting one to your bike lead to any damage to the exhaust valves? The reason I ask is when I spoke to my dealer regarding warranty etc they warned me that aftermarket silencers run the risk of burning exhaust valves. This kind of worried me as I have just fitted a Beowulf stainless (road legal) silencer to my '08 650 bandit. Beowulf state that no re-mapping or jetting etc is required for their products and to be honest the exhaust is great, the bike runs well and sounds good too. Is there a little scare mongering going on by the dealer or could I really do this bike some damage. Note, I have only fitted an end can plus link pipe - the remainder of the exhaust is stock. I dont want to go back to the standard silencer as it looks and sounds rubbish.

Any advise is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

not on a new bike as the fuel mapping and oxy sensor will sort errors in fueling i believe

That’s sounding promising…

V. unlikely that a can on its own will lean things out far enough to damage the ex. valves long term … may not run smoothly without a little work on the mapping (i.e. Power Commander), but plenty don’t bother - try it and see.



Bandits are notoriously lean from the factory (yes even the new FI ones). I would recommend talking to DW from about a TFI tuning box, O2 sensor bypass etc… this man has forgotten more about bandits than most people will ever learn. The 650 should NOT have any issues but just in case, chat to him… oh and BTW he is on holidays until the 11th of August.

Thanks Morgawr for the info. I will drop him an email.

Sent DW an email and he got back to me straight away. He said it should be ok to just add a slip on with no tuning but would’nt recommmend anything else unless I got it tuned. - for example a high flow air filter. At least my mind is a little at rest now.

Thanks for the tip Morgawr. Appreciate your help.

Yar that DW is top notch!!