After work ride 7th of Sept

Anyone up for a ride somehwere after work later? And I don’t mean to the Ace to sit around and chat. A nice ride somewhere while the weather is **** hot :slight_smile:

I’m interested :smiley: a coastal run would be good…depends on start point and how this thread develops:D

Coastal sounds good. Hastings perhaps?

Oh yes… Am up for it… Got a few errands to do near Biggin Hill at lunch then free all day and all night for a ride…

When and where? I will definitely be riding somewhere today :slight_smile:

When can everyone get away from work? I could probably get to the Tea Hut around 4ish.

Damn dude! What work do you do? I can’t get off work before 6 :smiley:

wont be done be till 5.30/6 ish ;-(

I’m ready now :slight_smile:

probably will join you guys in the evening

I can be at the hut for 6 too:D

Ok let’s call it 6 so everyone can make it. You civilians need to work less like us Armed Forces :wink:

you Armed Forces need to get into the private sector, I’m done now :smiley:

Bastard! :wink: Not that I’m doing any work. I’m just waiting for the ‘go on then get out of here’ from the boss.

I can’t make it for the ride, but I’ll ride past the hut on a black 09 hornet around 6:05, so I’ll give you some sort of gesture to say hello. Depends how many of the Olympics police are around as to what it is I guess.

A nazi salute please. The police would love that :smiley:


Would have loved to do this, but the folks are down for a couple of days. Are you coming on the Joby (Made in Chelsea) ride on Sunday Tom?

I’m finishing early so I’m off to meet Imortal down at Box Hill. Give me a tinckle when you lot are at the Tea Hut so we know what time you’re leaving so we can arrange to meet somewhere. 07792179547.

I’m not sure which one I’m going on yet Ally, there’s 3 to choose from. The one leaving Tea Hut is probably the easier for me though.

I’m at the tea hut now. Going to wait here instead for whoever turns up.

d’awww…sounds good but i am stuck on the grind until 7 … enjoy! :slight_smile: