After work blast

I’m looking for a good route to take the bike out of an evening if I fancy an extended journey home from work. I commute from Canada Water to Barbican, so the 15 minutes of traffic lights isn’t giving me my biking fix!

Does anybody have any good suggested routes for me to have a blast, maybe for an hour, hour and a half? I can get to the A13 and therefore M11 quickly, or into Greenwich and head out South, but don’t really know where the good corners are hiding.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions! :smiley:

M11 to Stansted junction (A120). A120 fast dual carriageway to Braintree, then up the A131 to Sudbury then the A134 to Bury st Edmunds. From there you could either return via A14 & M11 (fast but boring) or follow the Haverhill road A143 from haverhill come down the A1017 back to braintree (by this time these roads will be empty) and then return to London. Possible 2 and half hour round trip. Good A roads a mix of fast corners and hard braking for tight corners etc etc…

I do this fairly often, leaving the city around 5PM and go for a blast into Kent.My route is usually a variation of this:

It’s a bit short, depending on how much fun I’m having I’m adding to the route around Penhurst/Four Elms to make it an hour … or 2 … longer :slight_smile: Road around there are brilliant and traffic usually not too bad. Nice mix of Bs, Unclassifieds and small As. Tight bends with elevation in the mix, really brilliant.

After that I’m heading back to SE London too. easy …

If you PM me your number, I’m happy to send you an SMS when I do it next. It’s usually a bit of a last minute decision.

Both of those look good :slight_smile:

DesmoMan, I think I’ll save that one for a weekend run, it’s a bit longer than I would want to do in the week.

driesie, that looks good, I think something was wrong with that link you posted but I get the general idea. It does say on google that it’s about 2hrs without including the time coming home, so it may have messed up a bit on there. I think heading down Old Kent Road is probably a good shout though. I will pm my number so you can let me know when you’re heading out.

Yes, it would be 2 hours at least. Leaving early from the city means you can easily get back before dark. Until the clocks change anyhow …

Try this link:

That link worked. I had a look at some of the roads on streetview, looks awesome, I might have a ride out there tomorrow.