After a Wash

Here’s a shot of my wheels after a wash by those awesome dudes Mo Clean. A bit of HDR pp for the snappers out there, bg blur added in ps (shoulda just used wider ap, gah!)

is that the paint scheme on your bike or just photo effects? Looks flippin sick! Gorgeous bike

nah thats just the HDRness and reflections and stuff. quality picture though!

that looks the nuts,nice one:D

are those rizoma grips?

why u got some for sale:D:P

Yes mate, Rizoma grips and fluid pots :wink: Wouldn’t mind the Rizoma mirrors too but at the current price I’m finding it hard to justify the purchase :w00t:

Wow…what a beauty…

Nice bike mate nice looks good

nice, shame its a yamaha :stuck_out_tongue:

OUCH :smiley:

Nice job & bike nice too:D

coulda been worse, it mighta been a suzuki :smiley: