Afro & Smiled present...

Me and Smiled went down to the Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K9 launch night at Aye Gee motorcycles and made this little video as a test for our forthcoming productions and to just have a little fun with the DV cam :laugh:

I must warn you that it was all quite rushed to get this done and it shows in parts, but we wanted to show you lot, and see what you think.

If the link opens and you don’t see video after you click play, click play again. There seems to be a bug with the flash video player :unsure:

Anyway, enjoy.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Shane you’re star mate!!! But do something with a sound, I cannot hear what you saying dudes :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers Pavel…Yes, we’re investing in some better mic gear for the next one.

ha ha brilliant…well done…i love the “outakes”…:smiley:

Mighty fine work boyz… one thing you do need to be aware of is publishing pictures of people what don’t want to be filmed… there’s legal issues round that, so be careful ok.

Get in touch if you want to know a bit more.

Sterling bl00dy work though boyz! NICE EFFORT! :smiley:

I appreciate the the critique mate…Means a lot…I’ll definitely be in touch for some tips.


Couldn’t hear what either you or the AG rep were saying properly.

Nice smooth camera work though!

Films seem to be something you are very interested in Shane - keep making them! Make more! Film me if you want to, you have my permission :wink:
(how about - ‘One man’s struggle to adapt from a Hornet to CBR600f Sport’ :wink: )

thanks all…we really want to improve so keep the constructive comming…:D.

glad your all felling it…and altho the sound is poo!!..i think the guy (andy) was fantastic!!!..just a bloody shame you could’nt hear him properley because what he was saying was very imformative…

but first try and i think bravo to afro for putting up with me…but we did have a good laugh that night…

so…many more to come…just watch this space…:D.


So did you guy`s order one then.

That GSXR t-shirt was the funniest thing I saw for ages mate. My GSXR T-shirt ready!!! LOL :D:D:D:D :stuck_out_tongue: :hehe:

Yeah, good vid mate, but was hard to hear what you were saying over Mr Mark Morrison!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Brilliant effort chaps:)

It’s just a shame about the sound and the lack of scantily clad dancing girls;):smiley:

Keep em coming boys:cool:

I liked it. Good first effort. Other than the sound, which you are aware of, perhaps you could try what some one camera operations do, Do the interview with a close-up view of the interviewee, then shoot your ‘noddys’, close ups of the interviewer nodding etc and could just shoot the interviewer asking the questions and then cut them together!

Hope that makes sense.


Good work guys:) More outtakes please:cool:

Very good work, nice picture, camerawork, presenting and editing.You do need subtitles though as you can hardly hear anything above the background chatter and “Return of the Mack”.

And what’s all that about? Aye Gee seriously need to sort out their music collection :laugh::laugh::laugh:

And where are the women? You can’t have a bike launch without bimbos, ffs :w00t::crazy:Aye Gee, sort yerselves out. Nice video though guys; pl keep them coming.

So what music do we think should have been in the background?:cool:

Great question, Chunky. The music has to go with the bike and I see the GSXR-1000 as possessing attitude, danger, excitement, it’s one sexy bike, but I’m sorry but “modern” R&B (as opposed as proper 60s R&B) does not lend itself to motorcycling, in my view. Especially not Michael Morrison.

Rock on the other hand does, and for me a really good song that seems to match this bike is this one which they just played on Planet Rock about 20 minutes ago. There are countless other suggestions I can come up with if I could be bothered to spend time thinking about it.

Having said all that, Biker Boyz had a good soundtrack and some of that was R&B, so what do I know? :laugh: I guess it’s a matter of taste. But what I do know was “Return of the Mack” definitely was not the right thing to play at an event like that. But then again, everyone else here will probably disagree with that. I’ll fetch me coat :hehe:

Very entertaining work chaps!

Afro & Smiled . . . sounds like an 80’s beat combo . . . I’m sure I have one of your albums somewhere . . ? :slight_smile:

Get rude of the thing and just leave the outtakes…:stuck_out_tongue: