Afew snaps of the gsxr

Looks neat :slight_smile:

When are ye changing your avatar then? :wink:

Whenever I next get onto my desktop. last time was Xmas so it may be awhile.

Wow it was a good job you distorted your number plate :laugh:

Errr why is this not in the pics section hmmmmmmm:P

He done one then not the rest so didn’t bother editing them.

It’s here because the general section is the most active :slight_smile:

Let me move it for you hahaha

Really nice photos :slight_smile:

really nice bike :smiley:

Oh maaaaaaaaaaaan

Yeah my Junxer breakers yard is drooling with glee now I’ve got htem details to clone…

Hide yer plates fella… feckless tossers like me on the site and FAR worse tooo…

Lovely bike…

I hope you were doing a burn-out on those tyres so you can get rid of them…those Michelins are bloody ancient and rubbish to boot.

Get some decent rubber on that bike ASAP.

Nicely edited Baz :wink:

That’s exactly why I did it and for so long as they are the extra budget pilot range so it’ll be pilot road 2 2ct then in the summer something sticky

Glad to hear it…I shuddered when I saw those tyres!

I’ve got Power Pure’s on my Blade and they are lovely.

looking good mate!

+1 for the Pure-got them on a gsxr and they are brilliant

like it like it :slight_smile:

all you need now is a paddock jacket, some trainers, and some short gloves… oh and the BLACKEST visor you can find to finish that gixxer look :smiley:

hmmm, this comment seems familiar from another thread :smiley:

you changing the user name as well?