Adz...Complete Praise

Care in the community is something we all associate with helpinggranny peabottom with her shopping or draggingher yappy mutt around the block just to show you care, but today……i got punched in the face….and it felt good….letme explain

Being out of work for a while, the only thing I could reallyafford was to slap a pair of part worn boots on the ol girl every now and then andhope to god I can get her serviced before she keels over in a pool of black treacle.Well ive got a new job….and today was the day and ADZ the one man band was topof my list. He’s an old school Lber, and as genuine as a businessman as a longterm close friend can be.

Now I know what your thinking…’yea…its his mate doing hisbike so he going to blow smoke up his arse’…wrong…I was a paying customer……I wasgetting charged £30.00 ph….and I wanted results worthy if not better than adealership….the shopping list was as follows…

Oil + filter

Air Filter

Iridium plugs

Headrace bearings

New chain & sprokkos

Front pads

Rear pads



Ohh…this gets better………….keep reading………

Not only had he completed the tasks with limited movability(he’s got a cast on his wrist due to motocross accident ) but he also balancedthe throttle body’s and adjusted my clutch and gave it a wipe down before hehanded me the keys……now that bloody pride in your work……all in just a fewhours…….and at no extra charge……!!!

Yes…Adz is a very good mate …but ive never been a customeras he’s starting out…and at this rate…he’s going to need to get a biggerboat!!..lolol….

His business is Admoto-Care……and he really does care……….hecares that much…he’ll even pick your bike up and drop it off in his secure MercedesVan….now that’s service!!!

you can contact him via phone on…07817 355142 …store it on your phones guys…just incase…:wink:


Good job

Never paid for routine servicing myself, do my own spannering at home - including valves, but my time is getting tighter and I am going to have to get help sometime soon. Adz sounds like the man

cheers for the tip.

Hmmm sounds like I found a good place to have my KTM serviced then! :slight_smile:

I’m not the only person to recommend his work…




all have had their bikes done by him and all have great things to say…

sarrison…he races a KTM…he knows the bikes well…

slipper…You should give him a try…i’ll post up his number and i stake my reputation on the work!!!

Ive updated the first post with his number…give him a ring…


Poor Adz, are you sure he wants that sort of publicity?:w00t:

PMed him already! :smiley:

yea I can vouch for Adz. not on his work sadly as I found the OMC after taking the GSR to Adz to get a quote. Very nice guy and genuine. Just a little too far south for me as I’m waaaaaay up North. I’d reccomend him in a heartbeat. I can tell the gooduns now :slight_smile:

Yep. He knows KTMs inside out.
My EXC comes back a little bit better every time :slight_smile:

Hopefully his website will be up and running soon :Whistling:

Thanks shane but you didnt mention the free fags and tea you got :slight_smile: love k5 thou’s and didnt want to give it back to you, i could have tinkered with it for a few days!

Thanks for putting up my number, its on my web site being built by another LB’er and customer a very nice guy and KTM addict! driesie should be fully up and running shortly.