Advise on Norway

I am riding to a HOG rally in July/Aug via hook of holland, malmo any advise would be welcome have camped before but not riden i northen Europe

PM Jetstream - they toured Norway last summer.

First things first, Malmo is in Sweden:w00t:If you are a light sleeper take a blindfold with you - it will not get dark at night.

Speed limit in Norway is 50 mph with £1000 fine or three days in prison if caught - speed traps are hand held radar guns (obviously out in the wilds above the Arctic Circle this does not apply quite so much)

Everything is VERY expensive and you can’t get alcohol easily anywhere. Hope you like [email protected] coffee and awful food. Two years ago petrol was £1.45 - £1.50 a litre. The Euro is not used there.

You may meet reindeer on the roads or campsites at any time - they roam in peoples gardens in towns.

In July temperatures went from 5 to 30 C in the space of two weeks

The scenery is unbelievable and the roads are perfect - swoopy bends everywhere and good surfaces. People are biker-friendly.Ask Itsthemechanic - he lived in Norway for a while.

Remember insect repellant. Lots of mozzies about. Suggets Avon ‘Skin so Soft’ - seriously! Google it.

Remember all your paperwork.

The Swedish police sometimes breathalyse drivers coming off the ferry so don’t get hammered the on the ferry.

You’ll have a great time.

OK I take it you are going to the HOG Rally in the Lofoten Islands 29 July to 1 Aug? Lucky you, thats a stunning destinantion.
So, you will go up through Sweden and then turn left somewhere when you get up near the Lofoten Islands?
Dont try riding up the coast of Norway, it will take you all year!
All Scandanavian campsites have brilliant little cabins called “hytters” pronounced “hutters” which you can rent by the night if it gets too cold.
Eating and drinking out in Norway is expensive.
BUt cooking for yourself while camping is more fun anyway…
You can buy beer in supermarkets for a reasonable price but not wine or spirits you have to go to the state booze shop for them and pay about the same for a bottle of wine that you would pay in a bar over here.
I recommend you take a litre of your fave spirit from home…
Lovely place, I have been twice.