Hey people , I’m just wondering what the best advice would be from going from a 250cc to a 600cc ??

Depends what kind of mentality you have. Are you the kinda guy that is throttle happy, a bit of a show off…or are you the kinda guy that can adjust to things easily like pulling back the throttle?

There is differences with bikes, weight wise and also performance wise but if you give yourself time to adjust and get to know the bike (600+) then you shouldn’t have a problem. You’ll more than likely find it much better, more responsive and easier to handle, but give it time… you control the throttle so it’s all your doing. :slight_smile:

Good luck, what bike are you thinking of upgrading to?

My mentality is kinda throttle mad but I aint that bad lol , I’ve been driving since I was 16 from using a scooter to a Honda cbr 125 and now I ride a Hyosung gtr 250cc , easily mistaken for looking like a 600 and size wise its great to give you the experience of riding a bigger bike , I’ve had it for 6 months now and i’ll be 21 nx feb , I’m ideally thinking about getting either a honda cbr rr 600 or a suzuki gsxr 600 but I aint fussed. Im a sensible guy when it comes to going out on the bike but everyone has that moment of madness or what I call motivation lol

If you can’t control your right hand, stick to the smaller bike untill you can! Like Ang said you control the throttle!!, would hate to see you come to any harm.

21 eh! Your insurance will be through the roof… Stick to what you can handle, How about a nice bandit, Hornet etc… :wink:

I would pretty much echo the words above; Don’t be in a hurry to “see what it will do” and remember to ride at an appropriate speed for the conditions, traffic and to ride at a speed so that you can easily stop in the distance you can see clearly.

Consider taking an advanced riders course with a professional instructor. Do a track day if you want to go fast, it is the safest place. Keep your hazard perception skills sharp at all times!

Wear the right safety clothing always; go easy with that throttle in town, tiger :slight_smile:


well i would agree with the above comments too. You my want to try a sporty yet more sensible choice, ie hornet, z750, street triple etc. any of these bikes used detuned spots engines from donor sports bikes and there is lots of fun to be had and still with plenty of power.

Chime in with a suggestion for a thundercat, very good ‘best of both worlds’ bike, that or a CBR 600 F - dont spend loads on getting a beautiful bike, spend the money on advanced training and trackdays. Then, once you have more NCB and more bigger bike experience, move up to a more sporty 600.

Learning a bigger bike with a bike that is not so ‘capable’ is a good way of honing your skills. Jumping straight onto a taut latest model will cover up a multitude of riding sins…

In London, sports bikes are a pain in the arse. You never use the top end of the rev range so never really get more than 50 bhp out of them, and the riding position is crap in traffic, ie all of the time.

One option is to get a sports 600 and keep your 250 for city riding, just use the 600 for rides out to proper roads where you can use it properly. But then if you’re as busy as most people in London, this will be about never. But at least you will have the real deal, a bike that is far more capable than you which you’ll never grow out of unless you move near to the autobahn. Despite advice against it, my first bike was a cbr600 and it was fine; you have to be a lot more careful but its important to have a machine you are happy with; instead of a detuned, less capable alternative.

If you’re not particularly into sports bikes, a better option is a 600 commuter bike, like a bandit or cbf600. THey go from not very sporty eg CBF and bandit to pretty sporty, eg hornet and street triple. In my opinion, a V-Twin would be better in London as you’ll use more of the power and it will feel a lot faster until you get to 50mph.

Personally, unless you really want a sports bike, I’d go for an SV650.

I have to say… get what you want most, not what you think you should buy.

If you want a sports bike, get one - you can get yourself into trouble just as easily on a Hornet as on a Gixxer or a CBR600RR.

As mentioned above, you are the controlling factor, so take it easy for a while when you get it (especially on the front brake at slow speeds ) and build up your confidence on the bike.At least with the sports 600 you don’t get much torque, so unless you’re particularly ham-fisted you shouldn’t lose the back under power in a bend.

You’ll find that a supersport 600 will feel much, much better than the Hyosung.

I think the fact you’ve mentioned the gixxer and a CBR shows where your heart lies.

A 600 “commuter” is just a detuned sports bike sans full fairing (with the added benefit of reduced insurance). It’ll still spank 90% of road users, even pimped up sportsbike riders if they don’t know how to ride. A fazer or hornet is more than enough for most circumstances in and around London. Don’t settle for less, sounds like you’ll get bored on a 500.

But if you’re willing to put up with the searing butt pain, arched back and weighted risks… :smiley:

I had a 250 for ages, until a car turned right in front of me and I wrote it off and knocked myself out on a lamp post. During the months I was injured my A2 test 2 year restriction came off. I bought a Hornet 600 last October and can honestly say that it’s been a brilliant bike. It took me about a week to get used to it when I was riding extremely slowly in only 1st or 2nd gear!! However, I’d say it’s a great bike to graduate onto after a 250. Reliable, brilliant for commuting and rides out, comfortable and easy to ride and handle. I took it very slowly for a while though!! Going up from a 250 to a 600 seems like a sensible option to me, rather than going for a 1000 cc sports bike or something.

Good luck anyway. I think the main thing when getting a new bike is not to ride out of your comfort zone, or try and keep up with faster riders and take it easy until you feel totally comfortable with it.

Yeah if your heart’s set on a sports bike you have to get one; they’re not in the slightest bit unfriendly below 8000 revs; which is all you’ll get to in London. Just be aware that it won’t actually be as fast as a eg Hornet around the city. Depends what you ride for; if you ride to work around London then probably best either get a more upright bike OR keep your 250 as well. If you only ride for fun into the country; go for a sportsbike.
My little brother’s taking his DAS and he’s already got his first bike; a Buell XB9s. Probably not the best idea, but it’s what he wants.

Put more money aside for petrol.

Edited: Oh, and condoms.

Sod it get a thousand cc bike and learn it hehehe

Seriously though you will travel quicker across london on a naked bike than a sports bike and even on some decent twisties in the country the naked bike will be hard to keep with in the right hands.

Personally an SV650 would be a great bike, alternatively look at the Honda Hornet 600, both will leave you grinning from ear to ear. Ride either for a year, build up your NCB then move upto a sports bike if thats what your heart is saying.

Walk don’t run, all of us are still learning.