Advice please

Hi all,

I have the option to buy a multuistrada 2006 model 1000s very low milage (likely to be about £1500)

The reason its cheap is that it has been sitting idel in a front garden for 2 years without being touched.

It has been treated with ACF so hasnt corroded at all by the looks of it but i wonders if any of the serious project types on here could give me some advice re what may be an issue.

Thanks in advance

being a duke owner I would suggest go to the ducatisti forum for multistrada

to see what you can find.

Timing belts would be the first thing that spring to my mind though. And probably a decent service to include fluids and filters at a minimum.


Send Mike MD Racing a PM
or call him on 07783024248

He knows all the weak points of Ducatis and in fact you find him mentioned a lot on the Ducatisti forum
He managed to get a Ducati multistrada around Europe through the mountains on a 2200 mile trip without it breaking down and it rained on some of the days too! lol
Seriously though, give him a call. He did modify that bike a lot for the trip as he knows that certain things on certain models/years are not totally reliable.

Good luck

I’d go for it. The aircooled motors are very good and easy to work on.

Check the calipers for rust, maybe the disks could do with a visual inspection, but as said, fluids and most importantly, belts - they need doing every two years and it’s probable that the previous owner didn’t put new belts on then leave it in the garden.

Please don’t start the motor without doing the belts!

PM sent too.

Buy the bike, do what’s been suggested by those that know.

Then go buy some very dark sunglasses so you don’t have to look at it as you approach.

Lovely bike to ride but by god it’s fugly.

Hi,it has an absolutely reliable engine and the bike is much fun to ride (don’t mention the ugly front).

Give it a good service and you can grab a bargain.

Maybe you could post a picture.

Have also a look here: , very helpful guys.