advice please

hey all,

iv been experiencing a weird feeling when braking. im riding a 05 cbr 600 rr.

1st, the front brakes are feeling spongy, not as sharp as they used to be.

2nd, recently when braking the bike feels wrong, like the back wheel is sliding to the left…like a little skid.

3rd, the other day i was doing less than 20mph & when i braked ( not hard) the bike started to shudder ???

also ive hand the bike since june & i haven’t done any mantanance on it. the chain looks abit grimy with what looks like rust on it. can i clean this. & ive never oiled the chain, can this be bad for the bike. what lube is recommended.

recommendations on a chain/sprocket set for my bike (good one)

cheers all

think i need to do a course on bike mantanace…;))))

HUmm yeah should definitely lube the chain, the camps are split between the dry ‘wax’ type and the standard stuff. The dry stuff doent tend to pick up as much grime on the day-today riding, so I prefer that.

(Dont get what I got - Gold chain lube, I thought Gold meant gold standard, i.e. good, but it actually means it is coloured gold!! It looks like I have been spray painting my chain…)

The braking thing, not sure, how many miles have you done since the last pad change? To check your pads get underneath the calipers (the bits that are on the front disk) and look up (with a torch is best) and you should be able to make out the pads, and there is a metal marker, the closer to the disks that is, the closer your pads are to needing to be replaced.

Also and what are your tyres like? If you have a squared tyre that can mess things up a lot.

Your chain might need adjusting too, slack chains could possibly cause that shudder…

Spongy brakes could mean the brake fluid needs changing, but depends on your milage, does the RR have braided hoses as standard?? If not then you could fit braided, which will help in braking regardless of any other problems.

Not sure what else…

I’d look at the alignment of rear wheel to front too if the bike is sliding to one side under braking.

as well as all the other advice, check your tyre pressures. :slight_smile:

Tyre pressures, wheel alignment, wheel bearings, swing arm bearings.

If your brakes are feeling crap, you should service them. Refer to a manual, take the calipers off, remove the pads, clean the calipers (using brake cleaner), push the pistons back into the caliper bodies, inspect the pads (replacing if necessary), apply a little copper slip to the backs of the pads and then reassemble the lot.

If you’re doing a rear caliper, it’s normally the floating type. ie the piston is pushed by the fluid only on one side of the disk. These require a lttle more attention, as you will need to lubricate (with grease) the actual floating mechanism.

Check the brakes … if they’re still feeling rubbish (spongey), then bleeding fresh fluid through the system should sort it.

Good luck!!

Tyre pressures, wheel alignment, wheel bearings, swing arm bearings.

In order of probability, Check Tyre pressures, wheel alignment, wheel bearings, swing arm bearings.Don’t forget to give your chain a good clean with Petrol, parafin or wd-40 before you lube it:)

arrrrr!!!..i dont even know how to oil a chain…lol

cheers guys…

this isnt my week…

got home today & checked the bike & i saw a little nail in the groove of my brand new tyres. thinking it hadnt puntured through i stupidly removed it…then…sssssssssssssssssss. what do i do now? how is it fixed & can i risk riding it a mile to my repair guy.

i know i know, im a dunce when it come to maintanance of my bike but we all have to start somewhere right.

anyone live in the west london area, hammersmith, bush, e acton.

oh yeah, ive done less than 1k miles since i bought it in june.

Call Eddie at (07946 019557) … he’ll come to you.

Good luck! :wink:

I work in Ealing and can show you how to oil your chain. I’m working until 4pm today :slight_smile:

Cheers whewoolf, thats really kind of you but as you now know i need to sort this puncture out.

see SP’s post above. Number for a mobile mechanic. he can sort your puncture and show you what you should be doing :cool:

one thing you MUST NOT DO though is bleed your brakes…let someone who does know what they are doing do it. I have been doing brakes on and off for a long time and dont think I have ever gotten it right…without loads of failures first…pain in the neck.

:laugh: Says she who takes her bike to RJs for the chain to be lubed lol :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, that was just the Thundercat! I’ve since invested in a paddock stand :cool: