Advice Please...Friggin Chinese Replacement Parts!!!

Any advice welcome…

SO last year my VW Van failed MOT on perished rubbers on all the steering linkages and front suspension parts.

So I went to a VW Camper specialist in Notting Hill and they completely reseviced my links, bushes etc and fitted new gaiters to cover all the ball joints etc.

I have only done about 1200 mile in her this year so I went to the Mot station fully expecting it to fly through …

FAIL on all the rubbers and gaiters that were put on last year … I had a look and they have all crumbled and split like a whores drawers … ALL of them.

I reckon the garage fitted cheap Chinese replacement rubbers - I saw this on an old BSA I once had - Fork gaiters disintegrated in 18 months…

So I am phoning the VW Camper garage tomorrow - obviously the suspension / steering needs fully taking apart to fit new gaiters -… there is NO WAY they should rot in 12 months and 1200 miles… It must be the garages fault for fitting shoddy parts…

Whadya think - free refit or what?

(ps I am a good customer of theres and have been back loads of times in 7 years )

Free refit is what you should get. especially if you are back within 12 months. shoddy.

Thanks Dave - as I thought,

I can’t think of a way that they can justify not doing that !

Check the trading standards website. There is specific legislation on the fitting of parts. As the parts are more than 6 months old before they failed, it is you that needs to show they were not of satisfactory quality. If less than six months your rights are stronger.

Finally, don’t forget that if you paid by credit card and paid over £100 you should be able to get a Chechen if the work was unsatisfactory.

i had something similar, i bought a 17 Seater Mini Bus and it needed new brakes and a new master cylinder. we had the brakes done in the Midlands where the mini bus was purchased and went to collect it once the work was done, when we went to collect the brakes felt awful, we complained but they said they were fine, i took it for an MOT where we live and it failed on the Brakes!!! we had just spent £700 getting the brakes done, i went to trading standards and they said the company were liable for the costs to get them done properly and i didn’t have to take it back to the Midlands either, we also got a full refund as it was paid for on a Credit Card :slight_smile:

Thanks for that

I know I sound like a numpty-heed but I have never had a dispute with a garage before.

So Should I ;

Phone garage - book van in not mentioning the circumstances and I want them to pay but leave it till I turn up at the garage orPhone garage - tell them the whole sorry tale over phone first?

i would ring them, be polite and curtious, tell them they done the work 12 months ago and they have failed already, let them offer to repair their work, if they then say you ave to pay, tell them you will have to speak to citizens advice. Do you have a Bill for the Work? did they say they would fit genuine parts?

Thanks Sam - I think you’re right

AS above give them a call one thing trading standards will want to see is that you have made the effect to come to an amicable agreement.

IF you feel what the garage are offering is not reasonable then go down that road.

I had a bike cannot be arsed to go into the story but a year after they did some shoddy work they sorted it all for free without the involvement of trading standards.

Might ring them they apologies and offer to sort it all.

Umm…put it in writing. Call them, then write to them to summarise your conversation.

Thanks y’all - now I know what to do! :cool:

Good luck & let us know how you get on:)


All smiles :smiley:

I’m glad to say Jack’s Garage - VW Camper Specialists in Notting Hill

Have agreed to sort it - no problem!

Apparently they have had dodgy suppliers in the past…

Mind you they ain’t done it yet but they were sympathetic and told me verbally they would do it.

Thanks all for the advice!

Thats great news and good to see they are a proper outfit that haven’t made up som BS about the work!