Advice on Theatre shows?

Am aiming for the masculine chivalrous look but not sure which show to take her to.
I’ve seen a few recently, want to go see Avenue Q again but it’s not exactly suitable for a first date (puppets doing a 69? ahem)

any suggestions? If all fails, I’ll book in for the Grease show.

“The internet is for porn” :cool:

(Avenue Q - great show)

I’ve seen Chicago, Hairspray and Mama Mia. All Brilliant :cool:

Mama Mia had me hook, line and sinker - awesome production

Sister Act is looking like a hit at the moment :slight_smile:

the ‘dancing at lunasa’ (spelling) is a good one

id be wary of taking dating advice from londonbikers…i know a certain london biker, whos favourite chat up line is " can i kick your back door in"

gotta be Dirty Dancing. I’d be thrilled if a date bought took me to that.

avenue Q, is quality.

keep it for the third date though. :wink:

Yes mate . A show I can suggest you go to see is ‘Phedre’ its playing at the National Theatre it has its first preview tonight and presses on the 11th. Cast includes Helen Mirren (no she dosn’t get her kit off in this one) and Dominic Cooper (Mamma Mia, The Duchess and The History Boys). This show plays though out the summer. 2hrs long great bit of greek tragedy and culture.

PS Tickets a %$£&* site cheaper than the west end.:slight_smile:

PPS. Sorry forgot to say I’m working on it.

Wicked is very good.


pmsl :hehe:


How’d you mean working on it? crew? actor? stage management?

I used to work at the National, still know people who do, including some family.

Lighting Manager. I arrived here 22 years and still can’t find the exit… what did you do?

Did a bit of labouring, for all three of the workshops in my time. Mainly in Carps. I’d done theatre studies and thought it was a good in, but never got much further than being “the help”. Left and worked in a recording studio for a bit.

My advice (disclaimer: as a hopeless single) is only go to the theatre if you would actually enjoy the show yourself.

So you pick the show, she will likely enjoy whatever it is.

stomp is pretty good as is the shoalin monks wheel of life

Just hope you have better luck than when we went to see “Anthony & Cleopatra”, one loved it but the other one snored through the last act. :blush:

Definitely this show, and even if she doesn’t like it, the audience is full of girls, so plenty of eye candy 4 you, but if she likes live entertainment and fun then see this. Oh and if its the same girl who plays Penny when I went to see it, MAMMA!!! :w00t: