Advice on sale of bmw

Jaime you were lucky - one ad I had for my Trumpet someone pressed ‘Buy it now’ at 2am on a Sunday morning - yep they were pissed and had just come in on a night out …did they turn up to buy…er no. :angry:

I gave Buy It Now a 2nd chance - this time guy turns up and tries to offer me 80% of his agreed buying price …why was he so cheeky? Because the basket knew that by pressing the button he’d got rid of all my other bidders and thouhgt he had me to himself.

Both times I had to go through the arse of cancelling bid (real headache) and re advertising.

I don’t deny it can work with honest buyers but its a real Russian roulette…best avoided :slight_smile:

So, waited all week as this guy was going to come over with a mechanic friend to look it over and buy it this eve, this was the earliest he could get here. He calls me and says he’s only got half the cash and he can bank transfer the rest, or he can transfer £100 then come over sat! He’s known about this all week and he could’ve got all the money & he reckoned he couldn’t get hold of his mate so his brother was coming. I said I couldn’t be bothered as all sounded like a load of hassle. He said practically it wasn’t his fault as he’s been relying on everyone else! Urm, takes 20 mins to sort your insurance, there are trains around! Even said I could’ve bought it to him and he’d of paid my petrol! What a knobhead! What happened to yeh bike is what I’m after, here’s the cash, off you go! I’ve never heard of such a palava in my yrs of personal and work sales! Joker!

So the other guy is coming to my work on the tube to get it tomorrow! Well providing its all as I’ve said! Where do these people come from honestly???

The world’s full of pricks Claire. I feel sorry for you, but as I said, get your business head on and be ruthless. But nice !

F*ck that ****! I went over to plymouth to pick up a bike and it took me 5hrs to get there and 6 to get back… had to get a train, a tube, another train and a taxi as well as a day off work!

If you really want the bike, you’d go get it…

Doing the right thing, he sounds like a pain in the ass…

Yep - par for the course Claire …Timewaster supreme - I’m surprised he didn’t give you the excuse that his dog was ill.

As you say the routine is - see bike - view bike - pay money - ride away …especially when the bike is a bargain like yours.

We all lead busy lives and you can except the odd excuse but that guy smelled of timewaster from the start.

Now let’s hope guy number 2 isn’t a tyrekicker and finds something silly (oh it’s not got Dunlop tyres on it like I was expecting! :crazy::angry:) and try and offer you £1500 or something,if he does tell him politely to feck off and stick it back on Ebay as a straight auction (you should be able to relist for free) for a £1950 start …there are plenty of straight buyers out there who will snap it up! :slight_smile:

Bikergirl_400 (19/06/2013)

He bid on the bike at 1950 and has seen it.


Since then many days have passed, he hasn’t paid for it. He is a waster.

I can vouch for Alex, he really went out of his way to come collect his pushbike :smiley:

Definitely the right decision, the excuse about the cash is such BS, you can get cash from the bank, if it’s over a certain amount you may need ID but it’s really easy to withdraw lots of cash and it takes five minutes.

The chap who bought my old bike made the offer, turned up on time and did the deal. If you want the deal you get on it right away.

Yeah - but given the state of your last bike, that would have been about £2.50 :smiley:

If matey-boy had half the cash, I’d have been very tempted to get him over, confirm he’s happy with the bike, tell him it’s his, take the cash, then politely inform him that he’ll get the bike when the other half of the cash materialises. If he gets arsey and demands the cash back, get equally arsey and tell him to get it in gear and stump up the remainder asap. :slight_smile:

As I found out, you also need a cheque book… had to run around the place to find mine!

The man with the cash always wins, sell it to him.

Still… FOR SALE!

Seemed normal enough however wanted to ‘meet me in the middle’ … no chance sonny!

Reckoned at £1500 he could get one elsewhere, whilst telling me ‘I’ve got £2k CASH here’!

Fine, so why look look at mine when you know how much I want when we’ve already talked about it!!! (I already know the answer to this, I’m entertaining you)!

I’m also ranting, I know this but I choose to do so anyway :slight_smile:


I’m telling you as a friend, picture with you on the bike naked.

It’ll go in no time :smiley:

^^^^ helpful as ever :smiley:

Has a point tho :wink:

this ebay seller has the right idea XD

How both you and Alba on the bike naked, you could double your money! :w00t:

Just remember to post new link to the auction!


ps. can not wait…

a good experiment :Wow:

If it works, then that is how all bikes will be sold