Advice on sale of bmw

So, been speaking with a guy on the f650 forum interested in the Dakar. He bid on the bike at 1950 and has seen it. His was the last bid as didn’t reach the reserve so I told him if he still want it he can have it at his last bid, fine. He is stalling saying he wants his cousin to look at it, which I’m cool with as apparently he’s mechanically minded and I’m happy the bike is good to go anyway. Supposed to be coming over tomorrow to do this and pay to take the bike away in a van his cousin has, as he hasn’t got insurance yet and not confident riding the bike.
This to me is a bit weird as he says he’s had a Dakar before and insurance takes 20 mins to arrange.
Now he doesn’t know if his cousin can come over and will confirm tomorrow, if he can’t he will give me a deposit and come back Saturday when his cousin hopefully can come with him, if not then who knows!
Meanwhile I’ve had contact with a guy who will give me cash and take the bike immediately, he’s ready and waiting providing the bike is as I’ve said.

So what do I do? I know I’m too nice and I feel bad for saying to the first guy that I can’t wait, but tbh, it’s be becoming more hassle than its worth, it’s on my mind and I just want it done! I know that the first guy probably thinks I’m making it up to get him to hurry!
Just wondered whAt the forum thought…

Sell into who has the hard cash first :slight_smile:

Sell it to the first guy who comes up with the cash.

The man with the correct money in his hand at the door wins everytime.

Money in the hand takes it. You can’t hold it fr someone that is too flakey…

Jaime here. Ffs Claire was logged in. :smiley:

yup, if he really wanted it, he would have come with the cash, found a way to sort it. or he would have put down a deposit. Until he puts down money, the bike can go at any minute. You can phone him to explain this if you’re feeling kind and just tell him to ring you first before coming in case the bike is sold…

I would say that you need to have your business head on. Man brings £1950, checks its as advertised. If yes and he hands over all money then he gets to take it and does what he likes with it. If he doesnt agree, then he doesnt take it.

If he wants to discount it, then tell him you’ll think about it and shut the door on him. Usually his potentially wasted trip will persuade him to hand over all the money.

Cash boy wins. Don’t hesitate or you’ll loose them both.

FFS don’t you two live in the same house anymore? :smiley:

I know I’m being an idiot, I’ve worked in sales I know what happens, it must be hormones making me soft!

Claire: your hormones - tell us more :smiley:

Please Claire take five hundred and I`ll be round in the morning.

Worth a try.

  • I`ll take care of it and sell it back to you for £499.99 at any time of your choosing.

I beg to differ. If you have agreed with bloke one- agreed a price - subject to the guys mate checking it over - then that is what you agreed with him. To go back on that is a bit naughty imho.

Hormones! What hormones! That means something in my books! :smiley:

Claire - never trust a ditherer .

They guy seems a classic case of “I like it but” and I’d be suspicious that he actually hasn’t got the money OR he only has £1500 and him getting his cousin over is a ploy to suck teeth and point out a dozen imaginary faults,

Also the bike is a bargain! Does he really expect you to turn other buyers away while he tries to get his cousin (who can’t come monday to wednesday) to come over and to borrow a van from his mate (who can’t do fridays or thursdays or weekends because he has to look after his aunt Dolly’s dog)???

If he was a serious buyer he would jump in a taxi - go to a cashpoint - and be knocking at your door with a £250 deposit…NOW!

But I don’t think he’s serious so don’t let REAL buyers escape!

So my advice is to text Mr dither and say 'sorry to put the pressure on but the bike is a bargain and someone else is keen to buy it - if you can get over quickly then it’s yours"

Anyone else interested always tell them that you can;t reserve it without a deposit so the first one with the cash wins…

…my prediction is that Mr Dither will not buy it - I don’t think he sounds like he ever was a serious buyer and is backtracking - he probably bit to £1950 because he guessed (quite rightly) that your reserve was over £2000.

I hate Ebay reserve auctions by the way - I think they don’t work for either buyer or seller - but that’s my opinion :smiley:

oooh suspicious!

Somewhat with Lagos, you’ve a prior agreement. I would however ring the 1st bloke to check that he’s deffo coming, saying you’ve got someone else waiting to buy it if he refuses it edit: at the aforementioned asking price.

I’d tell him you’ve had a better offer, it’s not personal it’s business. You could apologies for wasting his time (even though he’s wasting yours) if you feel like it. Or say your house has burned down and you’ve lost everything.

I’m starting to detest ebay. It’s full of cheap people. I sold a dog cage, probably worth at least 40 quid for 3 pounds, and they can’t be arsed to pick it up and seem to think they are doing me a favor. All communication has gone dead. I had some other clown offer 100 pounds for the garage cabinets which were 1200 new. Chancers.

I’m with Joby on this one (and not BLagos or Martin sorry guys :stuck_out_tongue: )

I am normally the politest of people when it comes to selling anything - I’m no shark trying to shaft people for the last £ but this Dither is showing Claire no politeness at all by mucking her around…

…There fore contact him - tell him you need a deposit by, say 7pm tonight, because it’s a bargain and there are others waiting to buy therefore you cannot wait indefinitely for him to get his act in gear.

As Joby says, tons of ditherers and chancers on Ebay and timewasters like this guy who are not really serious about buying (or don’t have the money) …MY money is that he will never buy it.

The other side of Ebay is that there are also far more decent people who look at it …more than Biketrader or MCN …the sheer number mean that a bike is easier to sell.

Mind you the best ways to avoid timewasting tosseurs on Ebay is to use the classified ad format - not auction (although it does have its benefits) certainly not reserve auctions and NEVER ‘Buy It Now’ …

With a classified the ad stays there for 28 days and serious buyers phone and view the bike - not play silly buggers putting in bids they walk away from.

I sold my gsr on a buy it now ad. Went within a week :slight_smile: