Hi, ADVRIDER contains so many horror stories. Two young men fresh out of University are heading south from The US this week towards Tierra del Fuego. I am well aware of being a boring old blimp - however I had the temerity to post them the following advice gained from my own ride of 46000 Ks on a Honda 125.

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Hey, guys, any advice from an old man is boring - of which I am reminded frequently by the last teenager in our home. However I am recently returned from a 46000K trip from Veracruz, Mexico to Tierra del Fuego, then north to New York. I rode a small bike (Honda 125) - aged 75, I am not as strong as I was and need something I can lift after a fall and I am on a small pension so gas prices and tire prices matter.
The advice is simple. Firstly never ride at night.
Second, ride slow - and I mean slow slow - speed limits are not to be ridden up to but down from.
Third, be prepared for the unexpected - whether a hole in the road, sudden end to tarmac, the road fallen down the mountain or the mountain fallen on the road, stray animals, stray people.
Fourth, expect cars and trucks to have poor breaks and wacky steering.
Fifth, expect drivers to act irrationally and ignore the rules of the road.
Sixth, cuts and abrasions get infected easily - treat them thoroughly.
Seventh, courtesy and patience will make borders easier. Expect officials to be helpful and they will be helpful. Expect them to be corrupt and they will act accordingly.
Eight: Respect people and they will respect you. Remember that you are ambassadors for your country.
Lastly, have fun.
There you are - I already said I was boring…
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