advice on extras

Hey all, im not new to this site but im still wet behind the ears when it comes to doing up my bike.A question…

i have a standard CBR 600 RR 05 and i have around £1500 to spend on my baby. what would you spend it on & why. is it possilble to get better handling & more grunt?


Ooo that’s a lot of dosh.

My thoughts?

  1. New Tax Disc holder

  2. Replacement exhaust, preferably full system to see 5-10 bhp increase

  3. Take the bike to suspension specialist, Maxtor for example and have them set it up for you. Std shocks/forks prob still ok given bike fairly new.

  4. Do a couple of race schools - Californian/Ron Haslam that kinda thing - or road training with Rapid Training etc so you know what you are doing on the bike.

Get yourself down to B to get the springy bits set up, get some Bikesafe training, a few track days and spend the rest on petrol enjoying your bike:)

cheers, im pretty handy on the bike but am gonna do a race school for more tips & experience. i tried to look up maxtor on net but cant find it, do you have the contact details? also

chunky, wheres & what is B?

what replacement exhaust do you think is best for my bike & would just a end can do any good?

also ive been riding with a dark visor but the sun still blinds a little, what other visors are good?

B is a member on here, his name is Brian and a whiz with suspenders;)Have a look at this thread I think you need to google Maxton:)

My wife has the 07 RR which is phenomenal. I’d trade in the 05 one and spend the money on that! :slight_smile:

If you’re pretty handy on a bike already then get out there are use it :wink: Trackdays, holidays etc :slight_smile: I can’t wait for next spring, got used to riding this year and getting some miles in next year. Plan on some French/Spanish trackdays with guaranteed sun and a few days r&r to go with them plus a two week tour of France, see the rideouts section.

use it! im on it every day. the question was for adding extras to the bike. holidays ive been on & plan to do again…& again :slight_smile:

I’d go for a an exhaust complimented with a filter and a fuelling remap for more power and better economy, sports tyres which will give you loads more confidence and grin factor and the standard suspension is quite good but will benefit from a set up (look no further).You’re welcome to pop in to our workshop in Twickenham for any advice if you’re passing:)

Thanks B, where about are you? post or pm me if you can…

PM sent :slight_smile:

buy a bigger bike :stuck_out_tongue: