Advice Needed

So not be aroudn for a while now, not that I think anyone noticed but hey hoo.

anywho so I’m after peoples advice on this one.

So, my company is going to merge with another, had a frank chat with the MD who has said, my job is safe but I have some decisions to make.
I’m currently a Team Leader again this is safe(ish) and here is the but.

So I can stay in London will still be a TL but on a lower level I think basically just managing the schedules of engineers basically. however if I choose to go the other way I will need to relocate to Milton Keynes or somewhere near by.

Would you jump ship why the going is good? relocate or take the stay in london but could end up a wrong move.

I’m torn here as I’m not sure what to do. baring in mind I have a wife and 3 children so a move would not just affect me.

Its only Milton Keynes which is an hour away and there is all this talk about relocating. An hour is the average person’s commute anyway. If your company pay the mileage whats the problem?

Where I work people travel from MK to Twickenham Stadium. Obviously for days where we finish at 1am and have to be back for 5am the company will pay for a hotel.

I know where it is. but I’m south london so would not be an hour for me. as it is I work 7:30-7 pm(if you include current travel time) add another 2 hours journey time and all the aditional costs in traveling I’d never see my family until the weekends.

True, I would probably go for the MK job as well but there’s too little information to make a proper decision. Is there a possibility of some sort of progress later in the London job? What’s “the other way”, does it mean you would get a better job in MK? And how much better exactly? Is the new HQ in Milton Keynes?

Also a lot depends on where you live right now. If you live on the opposite side of London (i.e. SE London) it might be hard on your family.

And last but not least what are your career plans? :slight_smile:

If family wouldn’t be too affected I might consider moving close to Milton Keynes, I know a couple of people that live there and it’s not too far from North London so perfectly commutable

Well maybe move to somewhere on the other side of the river so your wife can carry on working where she works and the kids can still go to the same school with all their mates. Best thing is your closer to work.

Doesn’t your work cover your travel costs?

I’d look further into the Milton Keynes idea, maybe go up there and see where you would live. Property is good value there apparently so you could get yourself a nice pad which would be good for settling down with 3 kids. Milton Keynes is on the right side of London for meeting at the Ace for rideouts adn is right near Dunstable Downs.

If you can find yourself a nice house near a good school it could be idea. I’d definitly give it some thought if you don’t have any strong ties to your current area.