Advice Needed

Hi Guys,

I was knocked off my bike on Friday by a driver coming from the opposite direction who turned right as I approached, clipping me and knocking me off, causing quite a lot of damage to the bike

We exchanged details and I have witnesses lined up, however, my insurance company can’t track his registration, he gave me a postcode that was a digit out (according to multimap) and the phone number provided consistently goes through to answer phone.

I’m going to go to the Police Station at lunchtime to report it, I’m fairly sure his name is correct as he showed me a Doorman registration card he was wearing around his neck - from the SIA.

I’m insured fully comp with full legal cover as well, but i’m really not sure what’s going to happen, or what I can do at this point. Any ideas, or insights into the procedure from now on?



Sorry to hear about your prang mate. Were you OK?I’m fairly sure that if you can prove a reasonable cause, you can apply to DVLA for the details of a registered keeper of a vehicle.

Might be worth giving Swansea a bell mate.

Start with this

Good luck

Thanks for highlighting the need to check proper ID when you want to claim off someone - not just Reg no. that could be false.

Not the easiest thing to do when you are shaken up.


Even if you can’t trace the ****, you should be able to claim from Uninsured drivers pot of money - can’t remember the name - speak to your legal service they should know. Only prob is it counts as a claim, so up goes the insurance premium next time.

Hope you’re ok, and this is sorted out soon.

Good luck

what a twat…good luck but think you have done all you can and should.

“Might be worth giving Swansea a bell mate.”

It’s the registration number that is untraceable at the moment, it just doesn’t exist. Also the gave me an N21 postcode, multimap shows that the road is actually in N22, though the rest of the postcode matches.

He gave the keys to a friend who parked it around the corner, at the time it seemed reasonable to get the car out of the road, but it seems that he gave me a incorrect registration.

Sorry to hear that mate, I was lucky with my recent off, my drivers details all checked out - The rider who stopped as a witness told me to take a note of the tax disc as well as the registration - I also got a pic of the driver and called his number whilst at the scene to check it was indeed his number.

That moment after a crash is bloody awkward, hard to think straight with all the adrenaline going.

Glad you’re ok though…

What I always try and do as a witness or attendant at an accident is to take photos of the vehicles showing registration numbers even if they have been moved. If you have an accident and you have a witness there who is being helpful, ask them to take some pictures on their phone whilst you are talking to the other party etc as you will probably be too busy to do this yourself. They can send you the pictures later if there is any problems re identity etc.

If you have a name, partial address and saw a doorman registration card the person should be tracable by the police.

I’m not so sure that i’ll get the full force of the Met. behind me though…

Was someone watching Watchdog last night? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oli, gnerally when people lie about postcodes names etc, part of it will usually be true, he may have changed the number part of the postcode but you may be able to gleam something from the rest. Any cctv?

This website comes up with the right make and model of car if I change one of the letters in the registration to one that sounds the same. He had heavilly accented English, and it’s changing a “J” to a “G”.

That sucks. I hope you’re ok.

It sounds like a similar accident to mine.

Do you know if there’s CCTV in the road of the accident? Maybe go back and try to find a camera.

Giving false information is a big offence, but from experience, I wouldn’t expect too much help from the police.

Also try to write down as much details as possible while you still remember them. Things like make and colour of the car, what the guy and his friend looked like. Pricise time etc etc. I know an accident throws you out and these things are difficult to remember, but the longer you wait the harder it’s going to be.

If you have his name and the place he works for, maybe you can use that to trace him down? I’m not sure what’s legally possible, but it’s always worth a try.

It’s just a bit of a fvcker right now. I’m sure it’ll all get sorted though.

I did catch that bit, it’s quite amazing that anyone can get your details for £2.50 eh?:w00t:

In some countries you can buy a directory that lists ever vehicle and every registered keeper as Jeremy Clarkson demonstrated when he was in Switzerland some years back.

Hope you’ve sorted the no. plate now - get on to your insurance.

Thats as*e, some real twat’s about. Hope you sort it out.
Last time I was knocked of my bike, I used the camera on the mobile, they came in very useful and printed out ok.

Bad luck Oli! Hope you get this resolved quickly… What a scum-bag eh.

Plod wont be in the least bit interested. Report it to them anyway.

Claim on your insurance.

Put it down to experience.

At least you’re covered. When it happened to me in the car I was TPFT and lost around £2k.