advice needed! want to book my first trackday

hi, guys, i am looking to book my first trackday, checked on google, got Club MSV’s novice trackday. but thats all up north, Snetterton and Cadwell, both a bit far from London. is there anywhere i can find novice only trackday near London? because i have to ride to the track, got no van or trailer at the moment.

what to expect from a novice trackday? any tips? :smiley:

anyone wanna do a novice trackday together? :slight_smile:

forgot to mention, it will be great if i could find any novice trackday with track riding and some proper training. am i asking too much?

Brand’s Hatch is only round the corner, comparatively speaking.

You can occasionally find evening sessions, which are short and cheap I found it to be a good introduction to the track. No limits and Focused Events usually come with free instruction.

Bear in mind that the instruction isn’t going to be intense, it will be about lines, or cornering or something visual that they can easily improve for you, they will follow you round for a few laps or maybe lead you around for a few laps.

As to what to expect.

You arrive and sign in, hand in your forms and prove you have a licence, get your bike noise checked and stamped (Take your baffle if it is missing usually). If you don’t do this you won’t be allowed out.

Then they give a briefing, tell you what the coloured flags all mean, tell you to ride safely, warn you that bad behaviour will result in your being flagged off and repeated offences will mean you will not be allowed on track. That when overtaking it is your responsibility to overtake safely.

At brands we were given a wrist strap, a coloured one corresponding to our group. When your group is called you go and line up in pairs in the pits and they come and inspect your helmet, your leathers, your strap and your sticker saying you have been noise checked. Your helmet must have a gold ACU stamp and your leathers must be a one piece or two piece that is zipped together. I don’t think anywhere accepts textiles so you must have leathers (I could be wrong on that, but I am pretty sure Brands don’t accept textiles)

Once that is done they let out two or three pairs at a time, so four to six riders, go out, a short time passes and the next group goes out, so as to stagger you a little bit rather then have everyone bunched up.

Then you are on the track and riding around!

Thanks, Kaos. maybe we can meet up again for a pint sometimes.

not sure which company i can use to book novice Brands trackday.

and from my research most session-ed track day are for novice with at least 3 track day experience. but i am a complete track day virgin.

and will i be sent off if i am doing quite slow? lol. :smiley:

i took the ACU sticker off from my X-lite 701, grrrr. should look for another one on ebay,.

Yeah always up for another pint :smiley:

I think you may have misread that Jun, I think Novice is for people with LESS then 3 track days experience.

Also the companies like Focused Events and No Limits may only do pure Novice days very rarely, but they will more often have days where they have 3 groups. Novice Groups, Intermediate Groups and Fast Groups.

The novice group will be all novices.

As to being too slow, I think if you were ** ridiculously ** slow, 10mph for instance, they might take you off as a danger to yourself, but I have seen motards going round at the same time as Supersports and nakeds. So the speed is varied between the riders and you won’t be THAT slow, you will be slow you ride a ducati :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Hello mate. just wondering did you manage to find any td,s to suit. Am also a td virgin and may want to tag along if thats ok?

any TD will do mate. 99% of them will have a novice group. I booked my first TD on a normal sessioned TD through Hottrax. Booked in the novice group and after a chat with a few folk in the paddocks found a lot of the riders were too on their first TD.
there’s silverstone on the 11th with FE for £119 if your interested?

I went to a brands hatch club msv evening novice event about 6 weeks ago…

My advice is get there with plenty of time to spare, relax, don’t push it, relax some more, get some instructor time, stay relaxed and within your limits and enjoy the ride! And respect the bike! Don’t ask it any questions you don’t already know the answer to. And build gradually…


3 groups only applies to full day trackdays. evenings are in two groups (novice/inters and inters/fast) and its far more blurred and relatively more hectic. its too dark for evening sessions now anyway

there is a novice group each time (and occassionally you get 4 group days with more novice spaces). the groupings are largely self regulated so you can continue to book into any group for as long as you like/feel comfortable. As mentioned if you’re disproportionately off pace then they may have a word and move you if necessary.

would not recommend Cadwell as your first trackday, its very narrow and unforgiving. Also it doesnt have garages and is a proper schlepp.

Brands indy is one of the best to start with (and i still really enjoy it personally) as offers relatively grippy tarmac and is only 1.2miles long so will be quicker to learn.

a few of us are there on monday if you want to swing by and check it out.

Yeap, don’t really worry about getting on a novice trackday, go along with some more experienced guys and they will help.

As for going too slow, don’t worry, I was at Rockingham in the novice group when a rider was so slow and panicy they had to let them have the first few laps of a session to themselves, have an instructor infront and behind, and we weren’t allowed to overtake them on the corners, and that was the same all day, so don’t worry about it :slight_smile:

also if you haven’t seen this already;

hey, found a few Full day novice track day with Club MSV, and they are surprisingly cheap!:smiley: , but only for Cadwell Park and Snetterton tho. haven’t booked, as not sure how to get there yet. starts from 7:30 and finishes around 5:30, its defo worth the money for £59-£89 quid, right?

here is the link, check it out, i might just book it if i can find a td buddy for any events, I personally prefer Cadwell, it looks fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

was away, mate. hows it goin? I live in Barnet now, would be a mission to get to Beckton, should be very easy to Ace tho, wanna meet up in Ace sometimes? never got a chance to go since I moved to here. :hehe:

Compared to Brands they may look cheap but once you add van rental, fuel and maybe a hotel it soon becomes a lot more! Otherwise you’re getting up at 4 am and riding 4-5 hours in the day on top of the track day which will be so tiring you’ll probably need to write off the next day!

good to know! silverstone would be awesome!

I am guessing all the short terms, lol. :smiley: got TD, but FE is ?

thanks for d tips, i was gonna book Cadwell for a starter, they only have Cadwell and Snetterton on Club MSV for novice only track day, thought Snetterton would be really boring, from their track map, i looks almost like a oval track. lol.

What time on monday are you guys going? It’ll b awesome if I can have a quick peek about TDs.

and thanks for the link, it helped alot!

true, I didn’t add hotel in, this make sense, need to sort all these out. thanks Alex.

thanks, Elad, feeling much better, I was just not sure how fast is everyone on trackdays. I am not a slow rider on road, but thought everyone on trackdays are in racing rider class or some sort, do knee downs… seems just worried too much. lol:D, just back to London, should start searching a trackday nearby.

here’s a link to the silverstone TD on the 11/10/10 with FE (focused events)

we’re there all day fella. rock up at 7.30ish and finish at 5pm ish. if you head down look for a black navara with ramps