Advice Needed - Track Day style

So off to silverstone on friday and of course i got a screw in my tyre today. SO they have plugged it (The AA) the guy siad it would be fine but im not so sure and i dont want to be worried about it.

SO should i go get a new tyre??

Should be fine mate, rag it senseless, make it pay it’s way then if you’re not sure about it after that then change it.:smiley:

if it doesn’t hold up there’s folk like biketek (or the equivalent, depending on the TDO your going with) who can pop on a new one for you on the day.

I had a small external plug in my rear tyre on my ZX6 and it slowly deflated over about an hour of fun riding in Cambridgeshire. It was fine as long as I didn’t go too fast . . . which is pretty much what the RAC said - temporary and max speed 50 mph.

I had it changed for a proper large mushroom plug at the local bike shop (the diameter of the head is about 2 inches compared to the quarter inch head on the temporary plug) which cost about £15 and that lasted until the tyre wore out.

If you wait until the track day you might find you miss a session if the chap is busy.

Take it to Essential and ask - they won’t tell you you need a new tyre if you don’t, but they won’t send you away on a dangerous repair.

Is there much tread left.

If so i’d be tempted to throw a bottle of slime (or equivalent) in there.

I use it in my tyres anyway and it works a treat. If the plug starts to become a slow puncture, the slime will fill it and stop anything happening.

trackdays are all about confidence

you now have it in your head that your tyre is not reliable

trackday ruined

get a new tyre :wink: (see my PM) x

I had the same issue as you on a 300mile old tyre, i changed it for a new one as its not worth the risk.:w00t:

On a track day the tyre is being used to it maximum, its all personal opinions at the end of the day, but is it worth the risk for a sake of abt 100 odd quid? :wink:

An idea if the rear tyre has loads of life left, get a mushroom plug in it and use it for riding through winter :smiley:

Hi Mate,

Sorry to hear about the tyre yesterday, I agree, get a new tyre. CSS is suppose to be fun and a good learning experience you don’t want to be worrying about your tyre all day.

There is also going to a be a tyre guy there tomorrow, but I think they only have the Dunlop GP etc!

are you riding up there? which route are you taking, I’m hoping to get off around 6.30am from watford if you fancy a ride up there?


If you doing CSS - as what has been said before I would just get a new tyre. You will be running from pillar to post whole day. The only time that you will have free to get the tyre changed will be lunch time when everyone else will be looking to do the same thing. And then you would have to run it in… Much easier to get a new one down here and get a route up there that will help you run it in.

I’ve done a track day with 3 plugs in my rear tyre.

At CSS you wont be going anywhere near as fast as you would on a normal trackday. CSS is a school, not a trackday.

I would take it to a tyre repair shop like Essential Rubber and get their opinion.