Advice needed on Bike/Helmet Camera


I am going to but my other half a bike/helmet camera for Xmas, but unsure whats the best - I have had a look at 4Kam and they seem good. Does anyone have a camera if so what make and is it any good.

Any comments/advice much appriciated.


Was looking at this one

this is the one to get mark (trackday addict) has one and its the muts nuts

The cam is a POV

Action Cameras Ltd

Unit 36

Park Royal Business Centre

9-17 Park Royal Road

London NW10 7LQ

I have been testing a Drift X170.

It’s called ‘170’ because that is the field of view! Try looking for it on You Tube.

A review should be on the site shortly, but for now I can tell you that I have crash tested it off road, it has a remote and rotating lens - all very easy to use and completely self contained (no faffing with wires and mics with batteries).
I believe the SRP is about £199.

Same site -

News item on LB -

I worry about the quality of review information from a reviewer who doesn’t know the difference between ‘then’ and ‘than’ :ermm:

Thank you all for your help I will have a look at the websites.