Advice needed, London to North Wales..

Hi everyone, I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I am going to North Wales next month and I really want to have my CG125 with me.

As I only have CBT I would have to ride from London without motorways. I think it’s around 275 miles, so it would probably take all day to ride there. Has anyone done this before or does it seem a bit too far?

Thanks in advance.

anna did this. not a bad ride at all. 6 hours with plenty stops.

easy peasy. she did it on a yamaha 125cc

Thanks, any route suggestions would be great :slight_smile:

you have my respect if you do that, I really couldn’t be ar5ed with that!!! :cool:

Following TrackdayJunkie’s recent advice - A44’s nice :slight_smile: A40 or A41 could get you nicely up onto the A44 …,+Aberystwyth&hl=en&geocode=FfV0EgMdxcL7_yG5vTbkXpQHFQ%3BFf80HwMd2UHF_ympHZMzhZlvSDENDdUuj1YfLw&mra=ls&dirflg=h&sll=52.128105,-2.040135&sspn=2.239331,4.938354&ie=UTF8&ll=51.961192,-1.716614&spn=0.280944,0.617294&t=h&z=11

Absolutely possible - I put 1,000 miles on my 125 over a long weekend (Fri-Mon), and while it wasn’t as easy as doing it on a bigger bike would have been … it’s certainly an acheivement!I’d advise against taking any route that is just dual carriageway the whole way there … tedious’ness/depression will set in fast when you’re sat with the throttle pinned and everyone is overtaking you :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck :slight_smile:

Dear Kertappa

Pm TDJ he is half Welsh and knows every road in wales without using a map. He may let you into some secrets. :slight_smile:

urgh, I wouldnt do it. I rode to Marlborough in Wiltshire when I was a newbie rider and I just got so booooooooooooorrrred, it was the journey that would not end! And when you have done the journey in a car and now you are feeling the pain of a little engines speed, it just annoyed me. Also, I dont know if 125s have improved but mine kept losing power after long spells of riding so I had to keep slowing down, and dropping down the gears and building back up again. Painful. Unless you can find a very pretty leisurely route and you are very patient, I wouldnt do it.

Lol are you serious? 70 miles was the journey that would not end? :laugh:

Excellent, many thanks for your replies :slight_smile:

Ace to Bangor, for a lovely day allow 8 hours for the non-motorway A5 route, that’s 6½ hours of riding to cover the 242 miles and 1½ hours of breaks for refueling, munchies, coffees, picking blue bells (don’t ask, it’s a girlie thing) etc.

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Or, Jasper’s preference is Blackpool, base on the fun factor once you’re there might be more fun, and he should know :wink:

like he said earlier …

At the time, from where I was living, it was double that :wink: Total snore! I guess I ride for speed, not the bimble. If I cant get their quickly as though my ass is on fire, not interested :smiley:

It’s nice to take things slowly once in a while.

I rode from Kent to Birmingham on C90 once, took my time, stuck to minor roads, took ages…was fun.

my brother rode to Scotland on a 125

took him 2 days

I think I met him once. Lives in Carlisle?

no, at uni in Coventry

EDIT: oh, i get it now

I got it ! :smiley:

My friend and I rode the length of the A40 all the way to Fishguard and had a weekend in Pembrokeshire. It was something we had thought about for a while and was a great weekend all around.

Ok we didn’t ride it on a 125 but would still be a nice journey. Plenty of places to stop and enjoy the view, get a tea and cake or whatever.

Whichever way you decide to go have fun.

You’re doing it wrong