Advice needed: Ducati 996 vs steam oven

Ok … had a blow up with the girlfriend after talking about (and I’m seriously only in the thinking stage of a Ducati 996.

She can’t see the point, thinking my bike does the job (well it doesn’t at the moment) and so when we were going shopping, she’s casually announced that she wants this new oven:

I almost flipped. Who on earth spends £2k on an oven??!

I thought it was a wind up, but no, apparently it’s really good and healthy compared to normal ovens. I had my heart set on the Ducati this summer, but I know my heart is with her.


Has anyone got one of these ovens can tell me what the benefits are?

Ovens biggest disadvantage is that it’s not a Ducati. Oven is a flipping oven they all do the same bloody job. GET A DUCATI!

i doubt it will cook your food any different from what ever cooker you have now, and, 2k is a serious amount of bike money (cant say i have any experience with this but i mean you can steam food with pans that dont cost 2k, you can buy healthy food everywhere, the cooking times will still be the same, the end result will be the same…)

get the bike! (purely based on my own bias opinions / love for bikes!)

maybe post this on an oven enthusiast site as well? just to gauge fair opinions? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oven equals brownie points to be redeemed in any form you wish !

don’t need brownie points on a ducati! :smiley:

no but a set ofear plugsand a frontal labotomy are mandatory … buythe bike before oven and in truth it will be the talking point of every conversation you have with her and she has with everyone else

If someone thinks they need a £2k oven to be able to cook a decent meal, then I think cookery lessons would be a better investment than a bling bit of “look at me” kitchen equipment.

Go for the Ducati - and a sexy new set of leathers for her as your pillion :smiley:

Is it her money, your money or shared funds?

If you’re going to spend that much money on an oven, I’d buy an AGA :smiley:

Never heard of these ovens but they sound like a gimmick… how healthy your food is can be better determined by what you put in the tin more than if you cook it in a conventional or otherwise oven.

Depends on who has the money really… Personally I wouldn’t waste 2K on a gimmicky oven, but if it is her 2K then well, oven it is. If it is shared funds, then compromise. I’ve also no idea how steaming food in an oven is healthier than just plain cooking it either… You can get a decent electric oven for far less, and if you buy through Boots kitchens you also get loads of advantage points too.

In fairness, there’s a lot of similarities between a steam oven and a Ducati.

you mean, as in they’re both expensive fashion accessories? :Whistling:

The girlfriend’s sister has a steam oven, hardly gets used at all now the novelty has worn off. they’re the middle class version of the sandwich toaster.

So, if I were to put a Mars bar into this steam oven here, would it be transformed into a healthy snack?

They’re pretty good in all honesty and they will give better results with some foods but remember…
It’s an additional product to you would have along with a regular oven. It won’t replace what you already have because some foods can not be steam cooked.

Look at the whirlpool microwave… Has a steam function. I like, pretty cool.
Think it was only £130 or something. Come in all colours, looks quirky too.

Make a compromise, agree to the oven on the basis you will be able to judge the results and if it (and her cooking) doesn’t knock your culinary socks off - the oven goes and you get the Ducati on the same terms - if the Ducati (and your riding abilities) doesn’t knock her pillion socks off, the Ducati goes and nobody ever mentions an expensive steam oven or 996 ever again…

Hmmm. Thanks for the advice guys. Some food for thought.

But obviously not steam ovened food for thought :smiley:

It’s mine of course - well, the definition of ‘mine’ is becoming ‘ours’ quickly. I don’t know where to draw the line…
it is mine, I mean, I worked all those 9.00am - midnight hours, and then feel like poop when I come home…and that’s err, where it would be great to have a steam oven timer which switches itself on and prepares food and then switches itself off before we get home, that way we don’t have to cook.

I figured that we eat more than I use a Ducati 996. Obviously it’s cheaper to insure a steam oven, although I haven’t tried Bennetts or MCN Insurance for that yet.

Where do you draw the line for shared funds with a partner? I earn way more than her, and I’d feel bad if I just thought about me only. This is tricky. Maybe she’s testing me to see how self-centred I am. If she is, then I’m going for the 996 :smiley:

Good idea. But I’m sure she’s already doing that :slight_smile:

Well it’s a matter of time … we have to rip out the kitchen anyhow. With all the cruddy builders I’ve been getting in, this won’t happen for ages, but we need a new oven in any case.

Excuse me…but we use a Delonghi panini griddle:–bbq/cgh-902

Italian, obviously. This is why the Ducati wins over…it’s Italian too. Miele are German.

It’s not just a fashion accessory - it’s a superb and convenient way to throw a fried egg or seared asparagus into a breakfast fry without having to use a saucepan.

Absolutely yes! Where I’m from in Scotland we deep fry ours in chip shop batter so steaming is the way to go.