Advice needed about my boiler !!

My boiler is not behaving itself at the moment. :crying:

It is set to come on at 6am every morning, but for the last couple of weeks it hasn’t and I have had to reset it every morning. The timer unit seems to be working (as in, all the lights are on) but obviously something somewhere along the line is stopping the boiler from firing up. It’s a Potterton Suprima Boiler (if that makes any difference!).

I would be grateful for some advice as to whether you think it’s the timer unit that’s not working, or the boiler itself.

Advice would also be gratefully received as to whether you think I’m looking at having to part with a vast amount of money to get it fixed. :unsure:

take it off timer and switch to ‘on all day’. if its working, it should be the timer thats not working properly :slight_smile:

Sounds like the timer is faulty.

is the timer separat, might have its own battery.

Yes, the timer is separate from the boiler.

see if it is run by its own battery, some like mine have x2 aa battery might need changing.

Good luck

Take a note of the “timer*” make and model and look it up on line if you don’t have the user guide.

If it’s wireless it will depend on it’s internal batteries and they might well be the problem.

If it’s not, come back to the forum with a bit more deatail.

(* If the “timer” offers various options for having the hot water/heating on/off during the day/week then it’s more properly a “programmer”.)

Call a qualified gas engineer. :slight_smile:

You only need a qualified gas engineer (or qualified electrician) for some particular works and changing batteries, which is all this may entail, is not one one of those jobs.

Even a like for like changing of a programmer would be a waste of the call out charge.

You are right Oldguy but the problem with this boiler could be nothing to do with the timer, why not get it sorted out in one visit rather than having a lot of people who have never worked on boilers or any gas appliance have a wild guess at it. :slight_smile:

+1. The suprima has been a notorious boiler over the years just do a google search to see the forum comments!! If you’re in a rush to get it fixed quickly and accurately get the pro’s in. If you go down the cheaper/slower/diy route good luck. The first thing a pro will do is determine if it is the boiler that’s the problem or external controls(programmer, div valve, stats, etc).

if youre not in a hurry, start a british gas boiler contract, leave it six weeks then call them and get them to fix it under warranty… a bit naughty but its the only way you will get anything back from this GREEDY corporate company…

its a suprima, its natural state is “locked out” :stuck_out_tongue: if it only happens in the morning it could well be a sticking gas valve, it will need looking at by someone who knows what they are doing, and even then may require expensive bits :frowning: