Advice if you please !

Has anyone got any suggestions or recommendations for a good set of panniers and tail pack that I can buy and stick on my CBR 600F for my Scotland Trip next Month ?

Already got the Baglux tankcover and am in the process of sourcing a tankbag for that !


Don’t OXFORD do a whole range for most sportbikes, there products are normally good quality at a decent price.
(But there was a thread talking about poor quality of there tankpads and a few other things methinks)

I have a set of Heine Gericke throw overs and a tank bag I use as a tail pack you can borrow if you want…

It’s just taking up space in me garge at the moment so there if you’re interested.

I’ve only used Oxford Sports ones (same set for prob 9000 miles worth over 6 years), and have ZERO complaints with them. I also have one of their ‘One’ (starter range) tailpacks that while much less substantial and of poorer quality, does the job perfectly well too.

Some of their stuff is indeed poor but to be fair the luggage is good stuff. I’ve had a expandable tank bag for 3 years and it has a lifetime garantee.

Did you find a shop that stocks a range of panniers…not just one or two types?? LOL !!

Thanks for the replies guys, appreciated. Macp, very much appreciated for your offer mate but will need to buy my own as I’ll be useing them 2 or 3 times a year.

I have bought a set, found a deal on a new set on E-bay, that did the panniers, tail pack and tank bag (don’t need that but it worked out cheaper) on some Oxford ones.



Yeah I got the Oxford set and they are brilliant…also have CBR600F…have a good trip!

Whatever you buy, make sure that they are waterproof or can be made waterproof.