Advice/Help please

Can anyone out there in bike land give me some pointers (cept u Drei!!) on where i could possibly go to get a left side lower fairing, in silver for my Fireblade 1000RR? I want to change the one ive got on the bike and ive looked everywhere (ive been to dealers, too much money!!)…Drei sent me phone number of one place bikebitsrus or something like that, but i wondered if anyone else knew where i could get it? Would appreciate any advice. Dont want a damaged one tho? Ta !!! xxx

Hey babe!

Have you tried David Silver Spares? They do loads of honda stuff at less than dealer prices.

Then there’s Ebay of course…

Yeh, think we better name em eh? Well did what Drei did and went to “bikebitsrus”…and they got me what i wanted and all for £60 postage included!!! Now THAT is brill, cos dealer wanted £300 odd and David Silver, are not far off that! They are the ones i got all my decals from, and it cost me £75.99 for ONE stupid little triangle shape thingymajig!!!

but yeh, praise to bikebitsrus…cheap or what, no damage and all decals intact…

try 01424218881 its a company called p.d.m they buy road bikes strip them track them and sell all road going stuff i got a new panel retail at over £180 from them £58

Did they charge you postage on top of that? Mine was £60 including postage?

no mate £58 all in they are good arent they