Advice / help - Electrical problem

I have a 2000 CBR600F and up until now it’s been fine. However riding in this morning the speedo rev counter neutral light indicators brake light etc all stopped working, all I have working is the headlight. I’m thinking fuse but would it knock everything out?

I am not technically minded at all so any pointers (for when I end up in the garage) would be appreciated or the number of a good bike spark!

It has an LED rear light if that makes any difference(??) – it was already on the bike when I brought it.


so your saying no lights on the clocks etc are working? just check the plug first, may have come away or bit crudded up/rusty etc.

if naked bike probably in the headight.

reading again, the same fuse would not be for the rear light too, maybe the brake light has just blown, they do from timd to time so may be a seperate thing cos i am sure they working on different fuses.

Thanks I will check all the connections and look at the fuses and see if I can find anything.