Advice for first Euro tour?


I’m riding over to Germany next month on my Harley Fatboy, I don’t have panniers but do have friends who are going to be driving over in cars.

What would you guys recommend I pack?

I’ve checked insurance and I have european cover, and I’m covered for european breakdowns too. Anything else I need to worry about?

Thanks in advance!

Take cash for the Petrol…I was paying on my debit card and getting charged £1.25 for a £10 fill up - when you do about 30 of them, it’s a lot of £1.25s

If your mates are in cars - why not use them to carry most of your luggage?

Watch out for over friendly Belgian waiters, the road surfaces and twats in 7 series BMWs who think it’s a good idea to over take you in the lane you are already in :w00t:

Enjoy - and don’t mention the war, the German’s a bit touchy on that one :wink:

Take a copy of all your docs, a hi-viz waistcoat and a set of bulbs
And a first-aid kit
Other than that, enjoy ! riding on the right comes as second nature after a mile or so

dont forget to check your tyre pressures :slight_smile:

Get a tubeless tyre repair kit, I’m after getting two punctures in two weeks. Both thankfully in cities (I got one the week before the easter break and the next here in Dublin…).

I’d also keep in mind that you don’t save any money by not filling up more often… I nearly got stuck in the middle of Snowdonia last week, at 7am, on a bank holiday, rushing for a ferry. Your mind really goes to weird places in those kinds of situations, I really started questioning whether I was cut out for touring :w00t:

Get a dry-bag too, for passports and cash.

I haven’t tested my setup for anything beyond going London-Dublin, but I’ve got a 60l overboard bag, a bunch of bungies, scottoiler, heated grips, fleece and tankbag, and haven’t needed anything yet (except aforementioned puncture repair kit…)

Take a map, German souvenir tea towels are few and far between.:slight_smile: