Advice: bike track day tomorrow

So got my first bike track day tomorrow @ Brands hatch

Any advice? (Apart from don’t bin it)

The most critical thing… Let your tyres warm up!! This can take up to 2 laps and maybe more at this time of the year depending on what tyres you have.

Drop a few psi on your tyres, especially the rear.

Don’t worry about others and be careful with people braking in very different places to you (especially if they don’t have brake lights!). It’s always up to the person behind you to get around you safely if they want to overtake. So don’t move out of their way erratically!

Remove your wing mirrors or at least tape them up. It prevents you getting distracted. Even better tap your speedo up and just leave revs.

Rev match on downshifts and even if you mess it up and the rear skips, don’t freak out. On the main straight, I normally don’t use the clutch to up shift. Wear ear buds!! It will be loud and also made me more happy to wring the neck all the way to red line.

Just go out and have fun! Do it at your own pace! Speak to stewarts for tips, etc if you aren’t feeling comfortable. Especially if it’s certain corners that you don’t like. There might be better lines through it.

You will probably need fuel at some point.

Oh and specifically for Brands…the compression after turn 1 is quite full on but shouldn’t bother you too much.

Shed loads of advice in previous posts if you do a quick search. Try this -

Cheers guys! Really appreciate the effort in helping :slight_smile:

Did I mention warm your tyres? :wink:

If the group you are in is too slow, they normally allow you to move up. So don’t get too frustrated if you find yourself being held up 1 session.

Once you got your knee down, try to get them both down:

I’ve never seen a biker without lower legs before, let alone a stunt rider!

Haha it was a massive save just before the last corner.

Turn right out of the pits and remember to breathe :grinning:

You’ll have a great time! Very important to keep warm! Make sure you wear plenty of layers, it’s going to be cold tomorrow. Don’t forget your driving licence.

MSV Novice Trackdays are well run and there are regular briefings during the day. You’ll be in good hands. If you’re a bit apprehensive, that is completely normal.  

Once you’ve got the first session under your belt, your nerves will have settled a lot.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, everyone will be very friendly. I always say that there is no such thing as a silly question. If it puts your mind at rest and helps you relax then you can concentrate on riding the bike.

If you’re reading this now…it’s time for bed :slight_smile:

As mentioned drop a few PSI. What bike is it? Can probably give some advice for actual pressures.
Don’t scream in everywhere, roll in a gear high while learning the track, it’s easier to be smooth that way.
If you are doing brands Indy, it’s very slippery when cold so go eat in the morning sessions.
Make sure your chain is adjusted properly, it’ll make a big difference on gear changes.
Overall, relax. Make sure you sleep well, and eat throughout the day. Not loads, but enough that you don’t think about food. Youll be safer if you are relaxed and smooth.

Watch out for Graham Hill corner, very slippery and greasy in the wet.  Take a wider apex point on that one until it warms up.  Just keep a smooth throttle and get the hang of how the track flows.  Work one section at a time and then piece it together as you get one right, move to the next section.  Have fun!!!

I have brands on wednesday! First timer as well… This is good advice.

Apparently weather is going to be terrible! Would they cancel and refund? 

Film it and share it

bad weather = quieter track

Are you doing the Indy Circuit or full GP???

Be careful in the section from Druids down Graham Hill and into Surtee’s, That catches out even the best of Riders.

Have you ever walked the track at brands? until you have been on track you cannot fully appreciate the camber and how big a drop it is from the start finish line into Paddock Hill Bend, It is awesome!!

I remember watching the superstock 600 last year after it had rained, the amount of riders who went off at the bottom of Graham Hill into the gravel was horrific. 

I was marshalling at druids that day, won’t go into what happened but very scary situation to be dealt with, the two riders that were seriously hurt, the first marshal on scene was her first ever event!!

And try to be smooth. Like butter.