Adventures in trying to change sprockets

I’m changing the gearing up on the DRZ as it’s a bit short and I’m trying to fix that primary sprocket swingarm rubbing issue.

Clearly I’ve never done this before as I struggled to get the primary sprocket off, with the wheel moving as I tried to undo the sprocket.

Asking Claire to stand on the rear brake didn’t help. Sticking a mallet between the tyre and swingarm didn’t work. Sticking the mallet through the wheel broke it :sob:, but sticking an extension bar through one of the rear sprocket holes did lock it in place but I couldn’t undo the main sprocket nut, it was stuck solid even with a 40cm or so bar.

Have ordered some adapters to give my compact impact driver a go. Probably won’t have the power but worth a shot I reckon.

If that doesn’t work I’ll look for a super long extension bar (did try a fashion one up at home but didn’t have anything that would work, Ie a tube).


Oh and I reckon the chain will be too long now even with use of the chain adjusters, so will probably need to get some equipment to break the link chain and buy a new one to shorten it.

Feel like I shouldn’t have bothered today :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Not a left hand thread is it?
Therefore other way to undo.

Service Manual doesn’t suggest so:

The adapters arrived for the impact driver. The little Makita did the job! Nut off. Did also soak the nut with some WD40 overnight as well.

impact gun is the way to do it.
are you going up on the rear, or just down on the front?

Going for a slight lengthening of the gearing. It was a little short imo.
Have chosen 14t front and 41t rear. It’s a half-way between where it was and stock.

ah longer, righto.