Adventure bikes have heated grips, right? 18th December, Epping into Herts, Essex

Assuming it’s not mental-cold by then, who fancies playing in the woods in a couple of weekends?

You’ll definitely want knobblies, probably an actual off-road intended bike and maybe a thermos. Leave Epping Tea Hut (yeah, not even somewhere indoors!) at 10, lunch and cake stop halfway round and back before or shortly after dusk.

Proper hardcore you animal you.

I’ll be entertaining some little people :slight_smile:

Happy days

Careful elves are protected by NSPCC too

I’m working:(

Might try and catch up with you after work

Not 100% certain I’m free that day, will only know on the Saturday.

Are you saying to do this other then ride bikes and show off that your riding bikes while we worm?

Did you just put a cat on your keyboard or something?

That’s definitely a collection of words rather than a sentence…

Also: If I have a bike by then I’m in.

Not 100% certain I'm free that day, will only know on the Saturday. nivag
How about if I promise not to bring depth-charges panniers? :)

That would help :smiley:

RIP marmite