Adventure before Dementia

Righto chimps myself and a few others will be setting off for South of France later today so all play nicely while I’m gone…will take loads of pix of playtime in the Pyrenees and associated areas



Great roads

Good grub

Plenty of Vino

job done

Lucky bugger…

You’ll enjoy it, it’s baking over here at the minute. Almost melted on the way over yesterday.

Where are you ?

We will be traveling down via Millau to south of Perpignan almost on the Spanish border

I’m in Dreux, lower Normandy. Taking it easy for a few weeks at my dad’s place


Ahhh man I LOVE the South of France in the summer…

The Millau Bridge is amazing!

I’m jealous! Enjoy the trip! :slight_smile:

NICE! Have fun

Too late for you Steve, dementia set in years ago :P:D

Enjoy :slight_smile: V jealous.

Have a good one Steve. :slight_smile:

+2 - we thought the title was the wrong way round:P

But we’re still jealous - have a great time Steve:)

France is popular this year , my mother just got back . She hated it ,but she hates everywhere thats not her lawn ,she is off to hate America next :smiley:

Sounds like you should do her a favour by letting her stay on her lawn and send you to hate her holidays for her:D

weather’s a bit dodgy in the south right now, bit flooding in the south west, loads of storms around all across the country.

Yeah fat chance , more likely I will get asked to drive the tractor round the garden a few times while she is away :rolleyes:

You’re right Numnum, France really is popular, my Mum and Dad are there too. He’ll be swearing at everything and everyone while trying to remember to drive a big motorhome on the wrong side. Mum cannot hear him and has also got a hint of dementia and doesnt know where she is (runs in the family then) . If you’re going to France, you have been warned.

They`ll fit in well then, encountered many like them on the Col De Allos road.:w00t:

Just a few pix from trip

nice photos :slight_smile: