Advantages to being a Penguin?

Penguin Necrophilia? wtf?

Not all bad I suppose - at least you don’t have to wine and dine her first :smiley:

You can make a joke out of it mate - but personally I was absolutely shocked and disgusted.

I’m boycotting the penguin enclosure at Regents Park zoo until the penguins sort themselves out.

They are a disgrace and should be ostrichsised from the avian world.

“ostrichsised” haha, see what you did there :smiley:

If we’d known the truth - we could have picketed Happy Feet. Sick bastards those Penguins.

I will ensure that these dirty bustards will be blackbilled if they attempt to join any clubs or societies frequented by myself. . .

I’ll never be able to eat another Penguin biscuit…

I feel a viglante rampage coming on!

This calls for a NoTW style campaign, perhaps they could publish the addresses of some pelicans and get some illiterate vigilantes round.

Really is no need to get in a flap:D