Advanced Warning - 6 June

Just so you’re all aware…I am going away for the weekend, carrying a pillion, straight after work on Friday June 6th. So I don’t have to ride back home before heading off after work, I will be carrying a top box and panniers on both sides of my BMW GS. I suspect the panniers will be fully extended too, so they will be quite wide.

Please accept my full apologies in advance. There will no doubt be as many as 4 scooter riders during the day who will be inconvenienced in their commutes by up to 30 seconds each as they wait for a gap to open to let me through.

Add to this maybe another 2 bike riders who are similarly inconvenienced.

I couldn’t really care about cyclists, so no apologies are presented to them here.

The moderators might want to pin this thread to reduce the number of “You won’t believe the idiot I saw today who thought he was Ewan/Charlie” posts on Saturday 7th June.


Hehe! :stuck_out_tongue:



what time and which bit of london will you be heading for?

Where ya off to Ben?

A5/Edgware Road around 07:45Through central London heading south towards the A3 at about 18:00.

Heading Sussex way for the weekend. Hopefully the weather is this good!

Not Senegal then?;):DEnjoy it mate:cool:

I will, thanks! It really is a long way down from Northampton, and don’t let anybody tell you different…

Not sure how much offroading you’ll be doing with all that on…I thought Long Way Around was good; but how obvious was it they would have been way better on smaller bikes!!! No idea why they took Goldwings with knobbly tires, surely an off road bike would have been better?

[quoteA5/Edgware Road around 07:45Through central London heading south towards the A3 at about 18:00.
Oh good thats no where near me so I will not be one of the 2 bikes you hold up.

I will be going off-road quite regularly this summer - my driveway, my garage and the occasional camp-site. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you remember, they wanted to use KTM’s but the factory had no faith in them completing the journey.

Nick Sanders has proved it doesn’t matter what you ride, he rode around the world on an R1:w00t:

And don’t forget the guy who rode a Buell Ulysses from Alaska to Chile. And it didn’t rust or shake itself to bits. You can even go see it on display at the H-D dealers in Newmarket!

And the guy who rode a Benelli across the Sahara…yeah I get your point but surely an XT660 KTM 690 ADventure or even a 650GS would be better?

Aagh! Stay in London . . . we don’t want you luggage-packing BMW’s down here in Sussex . . . it’s like sitting behind a tractor that weaves from right to left cos the rider insists on standing ‘Ewanesque’ on the pegs! :wink:

So about 6 on Fri evening, will hold onto my pint when the earth tilts on it’s axis:D

Just wait until I get a trailer for my bike! I can imagine the posts already! :D:D:D

Scooters!!! :angry: AAAAArgh!!!

fully extended paniers AND top box for a weekend…do you originate from south east asia? Are you taking your wife, kids, dog and grandmother on the bike too!!! Surely a tank bag and a top box can fit 1 weekends worth of clothes in :stuck_out_tongue:

Just trying to save YOU weight and inconvenience…think how much quicker you’ll get there without having to sit in the queues of traffic …like a car :wink: