Advanced Motorcycle Courses... IAM etc...

Has anyone done an Advanced Motorcycle COurse and if so did you find it useful?

Did it save you money on your insurance?



Any info on this would be useful as I am considering doing one in the near future.


Personally I have not done one but some of the Boxhill crew have done them and apparently completing the course may reduce your insurance premium. Everyone I know who has been on a course have come back raving about how much they learnt etc and all say its worth going.

The best ones from general chit chat would appear to be the ones run by the Police, the bunch who have gone out with them seem more amazed than from the ordinary courses.

Will have a few words and see what I can find out for you.

I passed my IAM last year. It’s very cheap and I think everybody should do it. It was about £80 for the year and that include membership to the IAM, your local group ( and the test. It’s polite to offer observers £5 towards fuel and such. But I’ve found most aren’t interested.

Last year I also did Bike safe which is just an assesment, Honda Mac 2 day, which was a lot of fun. I only passed my test last year and the Honda MAC tought me to raise my vision and over take properly.

This year, I’ve done the KTM off road experience, RoSPA smart ride school (£88 excluding test)( This group has the highest rate of Gold passes in the UK, but they are sh1t hot on speeding. If you want a blast try the IAM. I’m hoping to take my test in the next few months. And, I’ve just had my first track day with Hopp Rider Training ( at Cadwell.

I’ve found it all helpfull. I’ve only being riding for about 18 months, therefore I think I’ve had a lot to learn. Personnally, I’d recommend IAM or RoSPA over a track day, as I spend most of my time riding on the road, it’s road skills that will help me stay upright everyday. They are a lot of hard work and frustrating, but learning new skills is always going to be.

Most, IAM and RoSPA groups will take you out for an assesment ride with no obligation, what have you got to lose.

PS I’ve found that insurance copanies don’t give a discout for the things I’ve done. But that may be because I’ve been with a crap company (Devitts). I’m now with as they quoted £684 TPFT where as Devitts quoted £1400+ TP for both bikes.

I’m in the process of doing my IAM test. What happens here is you go out for observed rides, someone following you,who has passed their test and after each ride you get your card scored with notes on what youre doing right and wrong (in their eyes). All they are doing is helping you get thru the test.I’ve been out with them 6 times and have been told not to come back and to put in for my test.

You wont find any off duty coppers there giving free MOT’s just a bunch of nice bikers who have passed their IAM test helping bikers who want to pass their IAM test. No they dont ponce about,you get taken down country lanes and are expected to get a move on and overtake at every chance.

Costs £40 for the test and £40 for a years membership which includes monthly mag of IAM events and gossip, thats about it.

Once youve got a few years NCB, alarm, garage, datatag, insurance companies wont be falling over themselves to give you 10% off ontop will they? Reckon its just a myth.