Adrenalin X

I was in Adrenalin x on saturday and Sunday with my Girlfriend choosing some new leathers for racing in next year as my current ones are held together with lockwire! We know the exact ones we are going to get and were goign to pay a deposit tomorrow but i just noticed the discount scheme on here. Chris has been incredibley helpful and i wouldn;t buy my leathers anywhere else now, we were both highly impressed!

Have i missed something because it seems like an incredible offer! I am a member of the forums although i haven;t posted a great deal i check the site everyday at work. Do i need to be a member of anything else?

For that discount i would stick sticker all over the race bike!!



Hey Matt. No, you don’t need to do anything, you qualify just by being a member! Of course, we’d love you to post up now and then, share your experiences with us! Glad you noticed the scheme, make good use of it!

That shop’s a palace of bike-gear, eh? I have trouble restraining myself when I go there! Post up pictures of your new gear and bike when you get it all sorted!

Thanks very much for the reply!

I will post some pics up in the relevant sections in a mo. I love the site by the way, the reports and galeries are fantastic!



I love that shop! I would sleep there looking at those clothes… Post up some pics of your new leathers here mate!

My girlfriend is buying them for me for Christmas and she says i am not allowed to touch them untill the 25th December so may not be able to attach an actual pic but they will be these ones attached…

My old leathers failed scrutineerign for a bust seam so i had to do some fancy lockwire stichign to get them through, and they were purple and pink so it is definately time for some new ones!



Man that’s not fair or just plain sick!!!.. Not being able to touch, smell and perv over your new leathers untill 25th Dec…

WOW! If I had one of those I would feel sory to put it on the track… Not that I fall off often, no!

Looks really nice!

Matt is right, he will only be able to send you guys photo’s of his new leathers as there is no way he is getting his hands on them until the 25th December!!


Wow, what a great girlfriend, to buy you Dainese leathers! Enjoy them!

She’s the best!

I couldn’t let Matt wear his pink leathers anymore, it just wouldn’t be right. Anyway i am hoping that he doesn’t just wear them when he is riding the bike…

Charlie do you have a sister?

I do actually but she is married!

Story of my life

Will her husband mind if she buys me some leathers

I might if your nice enough to me!