Adly Fox 50cc Moped

Ok so I’m a bit embarassed to put this up here amongst these shiny other machines but someone might want it so here goes. In short, its a 50cc two stroke moped with about 4000 miles on the clock, not MOT or tax but runs perfectly and rides well.

Brief history - I bought this from an old housemate who never used it. It was orginally bought by her family, with about 3000 miles on it then left in storage for 4 - 5 years. She then paid for a full service to make it roadworthy and brought it to London (it was previously registered in Ireland on the UK plates it has now) - but never got round to using it. So it sat for another year or so before I bought it, put an MOT on it, registered it in the UK with a plan to sell it. Having got it sorted I ended up giving it to my girlfriend to use, who’s been commuting on it daily for a year. Sadly it failed its last MOT and I don’t have the facilities here to fix it, so she’s now bought another scooter and this is redundant.

MOT failure points:

  • needs steering stops welded on (its never had them since I’ve known it)
  • ‘rear brake lever has inadequate reserve travel’ (works OK)
  • ‘front floor brake test inidicates a binding brake’ (works OK)
  • ‘registration plate delaminated’ (looks OK to me…)

Its been in daily use, starts off the button, runs perfectly and rides well (just not legally). It will be an easy fix to get back on the road if you’ve got access to the equipment, but unfortunately I haven’t. Any questions welcome, get yourself a cheap runaround - half a tank of fuel included!

Its up on eBay here: make us a bid if you fancy it, hopefully will get £100 or so.

when I 1st read this I thought it said Aldi scooter.

If Aldi did scooters, they would be… like this!

I’ve been surprised by the enormous interest on eBay though, lots of ppl after it and has sold within hours, though not completely sure about the buyer yet…