Adjusting TPS

Has anyone adjusted the TPS on a K6/7 Gix 750/600?

primary or secondary friday?

are you having a problem?

iv adjusted them both on my k4…


Umm, I didn’t know I had more than one…?

I got the dreaded herky jerky throttle that K6/7 600/750’s seem to get randomly and I read that adjusting the TPS (at the top right of the motor) will cure it. Well I managed to find and adjust it myself on Friday evening, and although the pickup is now a little rough ion 1st/2nd, the throttle pickup is spot on in all the other gears. We spent all day hooning around France yesterday and it didn’t hesitate once. A great result overall, and I’m sure a bit more fiddling can get 1st and 2nd smoother too.