adjust indicator flash rate?

got some led indicators and they flash too fast so want to slow them down abit ive heard of a diode in the flasher unit or resistors inbetween the indicator connections.

anyone done it before, got any ideas?

This is what you want…

yeap they are really easy to fit, I did it :slight_smile: Might need a crimper and some termination thingamewhatsits, but I have some of them if you want to have em :slight_smile:

E where did you get yours from? is there any shops i can go to instead of online with royal fail

those wouldnt be photon flashes would they!! :hehe:

any electrical shop will have em

btw make sure its in pararel not a series

watch out pan ive creep up and attack you haha. ill give maplins a try later

i think you’ll need 6 Ohm 50 Watt resistors (well thats what for the Hornet but should be similar)

not with that exhaust!

Not sure but pretty sure Hein Gerike will have something like that as Motrax have some. I got mine off ebay…

just found some r+g inline led resistors for £3 + postage would these do the trick?

if they are the right resistance then dont see why not

btw resistance is futile!! hahahahahahahhahahah

or a flasher relay from infinity for £19?

I got led relay here mate. brand new, £15 if ya want it. its a 5pin block connector one :slight_smile:

halfords sell the electronic led relays got one on mine.